Eddie Huang Got Arrested In Sicily

Published on April 26, 2016

Not everyone in Sicily was open to Eddie Huang’s positive message about embracing identity.

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  • The Vegan An-com 4 years ago

    go vegan

  • tyo789 4 years ago

    Dare I say first?

  • UrbanFashionTrendsTV 4 years ago

    *True Romance got it wrong. the Moors weren’t Black. That’s pretty much a
    historical myth that became widely accepted as fact in the english speaking
    world due to Shakespeare’s Othello. But the English, including Shakespeare,
    never actually saw the Moors. The people who fought against them usually
    depict them as being more like Arabs and always as Caucasian. There might
    have been some blacks among them but probably not too many, Sub-Saharan
    Africans were only just starting to get converted to Islam in large numbers
    as the Moors were being driven out of Europe.*

  • Zoran O. 4 years ago

    I saw this guy on vice show pissing on the street outside someones store,
    digusting cocksucker, terrible choice for guest.


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