Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show

Published on April 18, 2017

At the White House Easter Egg Roll, President Trump forgets how the national anthem works, and a Kellyanne Conway interview gets underscored by a fitting soundtrack.

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  • Modou Bajaha 3 years ago

    Where have you been Trevor? smh, I thought you was captured by the trumptards lol

  • MJ 3 years ago

    I love America but these things needs to go: In God We Trust (change it back to E Pluribus Unum), using bible in politician swearing in, and hand on chest for anthem (makes us look like we have a special salute like the Nazis)

  • Self Made Trillin 3 years ago

    Make America Great Again! One golf swing at a time ?


  • Mr EpicTruth 3 years ago

    Melania poking Trump when he forgot to put his hand up for the anthem. Just lmao. The man has no idea what to do with his little hands.

    That’s not the only time either. Trump posted a photo on instagram for Easter and he is all rigid with his hand at his sides, while Melania tries desperately to make it look like they’re a couple.

  • Eydthos 3 years ago

    I think I was suffering from Trevor Noah withdrawal for a week or so

  • Kasrose 8 3 years ago

    Waiting for trump supporters spin it and be like ohhhh it’s his first… look
    At Melania being a wonderful back bone … blah lol

  • The Alpha Cuck 3 years ago

    Mike Pence isn’t allowed around children without both his wife and a court-ordered supervisor present.

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    The White House Easter Bunny began hiding the eggs around 7:30 on Monday morning.
    Trump began hiding his tax returns around 1978.

  • Klonzo33 3 years ago

    Trump reminded of American tradition by an immigrant #priceless

  • Welson Portillo 3 years ago

    What did the Easter bunny see inside the White house, to have that face of pure shock?

  • Bria Penn 3 years ago

    The Looney Tunes theme in the background???

  • Debra Cecchi 3 years ago

    If Malania wouldnt have tapped Donald he wouldn’t have pledged shyt, as usual. Where’s the outrage?

  • Ladygothii12 3 years ago

    That rabbit looks so stoned or terrfiied

  • Heather Maupin 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who loves the dumbfounded look on the Easter Bunnies face??? He looks as confused as the rest of America

  • Day Legend 3 years ago

    who else is reading the comments after watching the video to see people’s reactions?

  • James Burgess 3 years ago

    The immigrant had to remind the President of the United States to put his hand on his chest during the national anthem.

    Wow, only in Trump’s America

  • Tawsif Islam 3 years ago

    that moment when an immigrant is more patriotic than the president

  • Gusstavv's Stuff 3 years ago

    Spicer used to be the official Easter Bunny for the white house. Not kidding.

  • dub2459 3 years ago

    Of course the bunny had to be white…racist America 2017


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