Dwayne Johnson Is Running for President in NBC’s Young Rock



  • ChrisKewl 2 years ago

    Aww, c’mon… The Rock’s mom is a cutie. That brought a huge smile to my face.

  • Ren Gonzales 2 years ago

    His mom is so sweet..

  • Maria Dolores 2 years ago

    I only have one favorite actor it’s Dwayne

  • Ricky TPB 2 years ago

    The Rock is without question my favorite celebrity. The hardest worker and completely self made. From football to wrestling to acting to business. To being booed out of buildings as Rocky Maivia to now being one of the most popular humans on the planet. He has laid out the blueprint to success for anyone to follow. #Respect

  • JUSTIN STORM 2 years ago

    If this is late night tv going forward then we’re back! Finally funny and heartfelt stuff again. Thanks for sharing.

  • NoalFarstrider 2 years ago

    7:42 I can smell what’s cooking, Dwyane’s mom’s food.

  • Alaska Southeast by vfirehorse 2 years ago

    Always good a good show !

  • Mister Derp 2 years ago

    Just when you think The Rock couldn’t be more charismatic, Mommy Rock comes rolling in.

  • Juan Basagoiti 2 years ago

    No better than a mom to put you in the spot hahahahahaha shes the best

  • Elizabeth Guerra 2 years ago

    Yes sir please Dwayne The Rock Johnson for president I am there! Wholesome and kind is what this gentleman is and that’s exactly what we need!

  • H Gro 2 years ago

    The melody of “we love you Jimmy” is the same as in the German Song “Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii” (there is no beer in Hawaii, so we stay home)

  • Alt Deadpool 2 years ago

    You can see the love in between Dwayne and his mom! His mom is so awesome! She definitely stole the interview! She needs to come back for her own interview!

  • De Fowl 2 years ago

    I thought they were gonna talk bout it when the rock actually runs for president

  • Samantha Cummins 2 years ago

    The Rock for president.. 2024… please


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