Dwayne Johnson Describes Black Adam as a Superman Who Kills and Teases Huge Cameo (Extended)

Published on October 12, 2022

Dwayne Johnson talks about his fifteen-year journey to make Black Adam, takes a celebratory shot of his Teremana tequila with Jimmy and gives away tickets to the premiere of Black Adam to the Tonight Show audience.

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  • The Biblical Prophet Brando 6 months ago


  • Roman schaut Filme 6 months ago

    Oh, a Superman who kills? Spoken like a man who never had read a comic or has seen any of the DCEU movies xD

  • Rushabh Mogarkar 6 months ago

    Man o man…Here comes Henry’s Superman ❤️❤️❤️

  • Karma Outlaw 6 months ago

    And YOU get a car….! ❤

  • simon mitra 6 months ago


  • Bella Delphino 6 months ago

    Black Adam will advocate all the mass shooters who felt bullied all their lives. It will give them the meaning and the purpose for their killings of trying to be a ‘hero’. Good job 👏👏👏👏👏

  • keiffybby 6 months ago

    Steroids really paid off for this guy

  • Neil 6 months ago

    He’s so jacked right now

  • Jamie Willis 6 months ago

    Just shows that not all big muscley men are stereotypically just meatheads who haven’t a head on their shoulders, Dwayne proves when you put in the effort you can be one of the THE highest paid actors in the world and he shows he’s so down to earth, he loves his kids and his bosses which is the fans who go to watch his movies. Sure I’m not the biggest WWE fan in the world but I do love his acting career and the path he’s chosen not a bad movie so far (maybe apart from Pain & Gain but that’s only because of Michael Bay yuck) so can’t wait for this to come out next week

  • Destroyer Prime 6 months ago

    Made Henry Cavill come back
    Made Ben Affleck come back
    Made the Snyder cut canon
    Respected the previous works of Dc
    Gave us one of the best Dc films since the snyder cut
    Idk how can anyone hate on this guy. He is literally the saviour of Dc

  • Myles Wright 6 months ago

    He is huge!! So inspiring

  • Akrobeto Ray 6 months ago

    Did he say Snyderverse is back?

  • Doc Quandary 6 months ago

    Can’t fuckin wait🙌🏽

  • Ann Jelou Caserial 6 months ago


  • JasonXME 6 months ago

    Now if Dwayne Johnson had some sons. Well then that would be a different story lol

  • BrandwithAllyn 6 months ago

    Dag, I bet nobody in the audience expected that announcement at the end. They were as hyped as character reveal parties for fighting games lol, I love it!

  • The Emperor 6 months ago

    Can’t wait for Black Adam

  • Prabhat Ojha 6 months ago

    If that doesn’t confirm superman in the post credit scene i don’t know what will.

  • Abid Ahmed 6 months ago

    Rock is just awesome #BlackAdam #HenryCavill #Superman

  • Lee Andrew 6 months ago

    no longer The Rock….


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