Dua Lipa Asks Stephen How His Faith And His Comedy Overlap

Published on February 4, 2022

In the third part of her chat with Stephen, Dua Lipa turns the tables on our host and shows him how she plans to interview the guests on her upcoming podcast, “At Your Service.” Check out Dua’s new Service95 newsletter and grab tickets while you can for her upcoming “Future Nostalgia” world tour! #Colbert #Service95 #DuaLipa

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  • Chris 10 months ago

    This interview and these clips has so much silence in them.

  • Mercedes Beard 10 months ago

    She is gorgeous. I never knew that she had an accent. Where is she from?

  • Ilooise Omohinmin 10 months ago

    Stephens answer- Wow!

  • Ryan 10 months ago

    “you are never defeated you must understand and see this in the light of eternity and find some way to love and laugh with each other”

    The fun thing about watching religions as an outsider is seeing them take a basic concept like “levity and kindness is a treatment for tragedy” and make it sound special with an entire paragraph of flowery language that includes the words Evil and Eternity. This sort of familiar fractal improv is an inevitability of only having fragments of a book from millenia ago to reference as a baseline for a claim of an all powerful deity that watches over us. It is universal that we all love stories and feeling special though.

  • jim bob 10 months ago

    I never knew colbert was a person of faith, I really expected him to know better.

  • Arda Yilmaz 10 months ago

    wow, great question from Dua and a great answer from Stephen, i cant wait for her podcast!

  • Sean Patrick 10 months ago

    I wanted to leverage my name to make some serious cash off or activism?
    Or was it, I wanted to make some money of my life-long devotion to organization, which is fine in my mind . . . By then why taint it by attaching activism to it?
    Did I miss something here? Is she donating the profits?

  • Infidel Heretic 10 months ago

    A typical religious argument.

    Pascal’s wager. Believe in a stupid god because we’re all going to die so what good are critical thinking skills?

  • Neil Deep 10 months ago

    Blind faith is what let the magats arise. I have no tolerance for religion anymore.

  • Promethalus 10 months ago

    so glad he didn’t become a priest, but is doing comedy sermons

  • Antonio Rivera 10 months ago

    That thought of laughter being the one thing that can prevent you from evil devices to escape sadness… great stuff Stephen, great stuff

  • Thomas Parkin 10 months ago

    That was an impressive philosophical answer, I really would like to hear more from Stephen talking about faith and philosophy.

  • jill rodriguez 10 months ago

    Comedy = Tragedy plus time.
    Thanks to SC, the time necessary to heal spiritual wounds is shortened.
    Weekends are difficult, however, and those looong breaks almost break me.🤓

  • Steve Zytveld 10 months ago

    Thank you from Ottawa.

  • kimberly s 10 months ago

    I’m from the south just like Stephent Colbert and he was raised Catholic and I was raised Southern Baptist.
    I had never taken him for a religious person; regardless his answer was gracious because bringing up religion is just tacky and rude.

  • verysmartname 10 months ago

    I want Stephen’s newsletter now !

  • exexalien 10 months ago

    Everybody else: Wow, Stephen’s answer to that question was just incredible!
    Me: Dua Lipa’s a fellow list maker? COOL!

  • J 10 months ago

    So beautiful His response, her question, & dua obvi 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Riconui 10 months ago

    I grew up watching Steve Allen and thinking no one could possibly be as eclectic an artist /comedian/etc. (Musician and actor in Allen’s case). Colbert is making a serious niche in the showbiz firmament for himself, and provided a rather brilliant and spontaneous answer.

    And Dua Lipa; Seriously great vocal chops and fun to look at.

  • CJ 10 months ago


  • KimberlyKearney 10 months ago

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