“Drive to Survive” Helped Put Formula 1 Racing on the Map – Daniel Ricciardo

Published on February 3, 2023

Superstar Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo knows exactly why the sport has become so popular in America: his dashing looks, and the hit Netflix series, “Drive to Survive”. Check out the new season starting February 24th on Netflix.
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  • Salih Baş 8 months ago

    Formula 1 ex-driver Ricciardo you say

  • Milnesy 8 months ago

    What a legend!!!

  • Victor Bolanos 8 months ago

    WHAT A LAD!!!!

  • supanagga 8 months ago

    I was gonna just watch the beginning but I stayed for the whole thing

  • Cíara Ní Mhaoilmuid 8 months ago

    He looks so much healthier after just a couple of months, it’s unreal. So clear how much he was underplaying struggling last season

  • Steve Davis 8 months ago

    well that’s good.

  • Round The Outside F1 8 months ago

    Nice to you again Daniel. The smile on your face came back, hopefully to see you soon in a car, even on FPs. Always been a fan of yours, still my favorite driver 🙂

  • Juan8or 8 months ago

    Ricardo has such a great charisma. It makes so much sense that he was chosen for this interview.

  • New Message 8 months ago

    “Respectful Stalker” is an under-heralded demographic.

  • kmart 8 months ago

    I’d love to see F1 racers go up in those jets where you can ride along while they do loops and watch how well they take those Gs based on essentially all the practice they have from their sport!!

  • parlmc 8 months ago

    my poor boy Danny Ric becoming a DTS/Netflix representative!
    jokes aside, he looks like he’s having good fun having these interiews

  • Shogun 8 months ago

    Sorry but, no. Drive to Survive has made an absolute mockery of Formula 1 and is part of the drive to make it more into WWE with wheels.

  • Bonobo1974 8 months ago

    Onetrickdivebombpony got exposed


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