Drinking Urine Won’t Cure Covid | Mike Lindell Wants To Imprison 300 Million Americans

Published on January 14, 2022

Stephen brings you another edition of “Disinformation Station” in an attempt to debunk some of the latest crazy covid cures, and that pillow guy has employed some very fuzzy math in his latest attempt to overturn the 2020 election results. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Bdub Armstrong 1 year ago

    Excellent Lord of the Flies reference

  • C L W 1 year ago

    And again

  • J-Man 1 year ago

    Sovereign Silver will NOT turn you blue.

  • Thomas Spencer 1 year ago

    And by those numbers if he were to say anyone over 7 was not guilty he would have to replace them with someone under 7.
    Republicans are dumb.

  • B LT 1 year ago

    Whoever thinks drinking urine can cure COVID is Pee Brained.

  • BIM 1 year ago

    Some people are beyond help.

  • David Alan 1 year ago

    “God has given us everything we need…”

    You mean like the ability of reasoning and logic which lead to the enlightenment and scientific revolution which eventually lead to a modernized way of research and development by scientists, medical professionals and other academics. You know the ones that invent things like…vaccines.

  • oily oily2% 1 year ago

    It’s way past the time for having mike pillow committed.

  • Dean Parham 1 year ago

    No sweat…. all pants!

  • CL 1 year ago

    Of course prison cells filled with 1900 people would be much more comfortable if we were all to have a My Pillow – perhaps that’s the master plan. Mike get the contract to provide 300 m pillows?

  • Musiqman Nellz 1 year ago

    **Whats the name of the Outro song that the band’s playing??

  • Ryznglas Castle 1 year ago

    Mike Pillow is Nutz… lmao

  • Angry Customer 1 year ago

    People who drink urine are wet behind the ears

  • Shea Zanders 1 year ago

    Privilege people get more laughs but after life, God saids”The first shall be LAST and the last shall be first” No gated communities in heaven. We all love all colored people in heaven…if not, we are not going

  • Space Force Commander 1 year ago

    Almost all people will find the idea hard to swallow.

  • john hopkins 1 year ago

    Wait! Wait!! drinking urine does cure covid; the more, all-the-better… (since I never caught covid, they can have plenty of mine… nastrovia!!)

  • MuSkOkA LoCaL OuTdOoRs 1 year ago

    I wonder what blocking a YouTube channel does. I guess I will have to wait a see. Let’s hope this twink doesn’t show up in my “recommended” anymore.


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