Dr. Oz Wants Local Officials In Charge Of Abortions | Another Herschel Walker Abortion Scandal

Published on October 26, 2022

Dr. Oz took a peculiar stance on abortion right during his debate against John Fetterman in Pennsylvania last night, and another woman has shared her story of a secret relationship with Herschel Walker. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Dawn Short 1 year ago

    Much respect for John Fetterman; he’s got integrity out the wazoo. So what he gets some of his words wrong: He said “Good night” instead of “Good evening.” John Fetterman will continue to get better from his stroke and serve Pennsylvanians honorably. Dr. Oz will never be anything other than a snake oil salesman.

  • ur22much2 1 year ago

    The idea of political leaders setting up shop in my vagina and womb is disturbing

  • edward cunha 1 year ago

    What we do know is any election a republican loses they will claim fraud and try to litigate it in court or they will try to throw out ballots for Democrats

  • Dave Bartosh 1 year ago

    Yeah..cats and tinsel…true facts!! haha

  • I don't know how to play LoL 1 year ago

    It is so crazy to watch this after you watched actual debate first, Colbert has become such propaganda whore.

  • Laurie 1 year ago

    Dixon, as in Mason/Dixon lol

  • Forge Norman 1 year ago

    Hey, I’ve talked to other homeless guys who weren’t right in the head back when I was on the streets, their stories may not be true but they’re usually pretty entertaining. They make more sense than Dixon anyway.

  • August RempelEwert 1 year ago

    Only one thing in this monologue surprised me: Herschel Walker competed in the Olympics in France and ISN’T advertising that fact as evidence that he has experience in foreign affairs.

  • Purpleish Panda 1 year ago

    books with pornographic material?

    well there goes the Bible…

  • XDSDDLord 1 year ago

    He couldn’t have killed JFK because I killed JFK. I also killed Superman and Batman’s parents. Also that guy from that one British band. -Ted Cruiz’s father

  • Molliann stocks 1 year ago

    Why does that “used to be decent doctor” not want federal politicians involved in women’s health deciions, but is ok with locals??? What an a**hole!

  • Adrian G. Pop 1 year ago

    Castrate Walker!

  • WhatWouldHouseDo 1 year ago

    “Goodnight” or “good evening” are used as greetings in some places; it’s no different than Good Morning, just not in as common usage. when I lived in the Caribbean, that’s how we greeted each other at the respective time of day; I’ve heard it can be used that way in some parts of the southern USA.

  • Timmy 1 year ago

    🙂 ..Respect


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