Dr. Ernest Moniz Explains The Iran Deal

Published on September 23, 2015

“Obama’s secret weapon,” nuclear physicist and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, explains the benefits of his diplomatic solution with Iran.

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  • ChuckNorris 4 years ago


  • SirBauer 4 years ago

    I’m trying to take him seriously… but my God…the hair D:

  • Vexillographer 4 years ago

    This guy was amazing! It’s so cool seeing what brilliant (and fun) people
    are serving in the Cabinet.

  • VoyagerAbove 4 years ago

    His hair isn’t unkempt. He /deliberately/ made it look like that. What.

  • Jordan O (Ponydigger9) 4 years ago

    Don’t make fun of his hair, he’s just honoring our founding fathers.

  • z beeblebrox 4 years ago

    I see they were finally able to get Benjamin Franklin on as a guest!

    Seriously though, it’s kind of awesome that Stephen’s pretty much turning
    The Late Show into The Daily Show 2.0
    What other late night program is bringing the US Energy Secretary in for an
    interview to talk foreign policy??

  • Philip Baker 4 years ago

    What a great guest selection. This segment was informative and polished.
    Thank you Colbert and crew.

  • Fleur Inoue 4 years ago

    Those curls tho

  • Jordan Keipinger 4 years ago

    Is this hair on purpose or did he just piss his wig guy off before the

  • Steve Robinson 4 years ago

    How about posting the second part of Bernie Sanders interview,
    (not just a minute and a half)
    and making it available on demand?
    Like the rest of your guests/ episodes.
    What is that about?
    I don’t know wether to blame the network or the show.
    I wouldn’t be surprised Hillary paid them off.
    Seeing he’s really the only threat to her.
    BTW, check your on demand and see if it’s on there.
    I have COX and every episode but Friday’s is on there.

  • The1316killer 4 years ago

    Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz and many more will
    have the ignorant believe the opposite lol fucking sheep!

  • wiet111 4 years ago

    His hair is majestic! Also, it’s great that Colbert also invites not so
    famous people who can actually talk about something more interesting than
    their latest movie.

  • COSMO 4 years ago

    This dude really wants to be on a coin

  • 554466551 4 years ago

    Exactly the questions any layman would want asked and answered about the
    Iran Deal. Makes you wonder what the Right Wing hysteria is really all
    about… hmm.

  • Ciaron Smith 4 years ago

    A great civilization. Iran. No threat imo. It ranks extremely high in
    science as well.

  • Mr Bubbles 4 years ago

    The first few wars in the millennium might be a mistake…..BUT WE WILL GET

    – blames Afghanistan government for 9-11 -> public learns that the USA was
    the one who put the government there in the firstr place (support of
    billions of dollars + military equipment) … destabilises the country and
    area. Till this day and is not fixed.
    – attacks iraq for “hidding nuclear weapons”, destabilises the government,
    kills saddam and searches the country. No nuclear technology found (oops!)
    …Iraq which was a relatively peaceful place to live in is now a war torn
    area with multiple terror cells (ISIS anyone?)
    – attacks on syria, libya… okay okay I think the USA has poked his nose
    into other people’s problems too much.

    How about we fix the country first?

  • Christian Rankin 4 years ago

    Hopeful but skeptical…

  • Asim Deyaf 4 years ago


  • dKim 4 years ago

    The dude’s talking about an important international precedent regarding
    nuclear nonproliferation, and half the comments here are jokes about his
    hair. Smfh.

  • whyFreezer 4 years ago

    If America can have nuclear weapons (and they have thousands), why cant
    Iran? Russia has nuclear weapons and I don’t hear Americans crying about
    them. Russia is just of a threat as Iran – see Crimea. Rivals of the USA
    are going to look justified in pursuing nuclear weapons, so long as they
    argue that America has nuclear weapons as well.

  • RhondaH 4 years ago

    You just gotta have pity on those poor warmongering republicans who won’t
    be getting that kickback uh I mean campaign contribution from the military
    industrial complex (Halliburton, et al). How sad that they will now have to
    rely on all the other corporate billionaire welfare queens’ generosity.

  • Michael P. Shipley 4 years ago

    The US has 1000s of nukes.

    The US is led by politicians who no one in the US, or anywhere elses
    trusts. Only 9% of Americans trust the USGOV.

    It is the only country to use nukes.

    It has already killed millions in manufactured wars based on lies.

    It is quickly becoming a police state (NSA, TSA, CIA, DHS).

    Shouldnt the world be focusing on that?

  • mukome robicheaux 4 years ago

    he’s cut to look like Veronica Lake

  • Haitham Al-Sheeshany 4 years ago

    24 hrs for ANY country? Think again :}

    hint: the only democracy in what is knows as Middle East to many

  • Deathsbastardbro 4 years ago

    THANK YOU. Good Lord it’s been so difficult to find out what this deal
    does! All that the media has cared about is how other people feel about it

  • biggerdoofus 4 years ago

    “unintended consequences” It may not be quite the same phrase, but when I
    heard this I thought of the Gman from Half-Life.

  • Mayheamk K 4 years ago

    dr moniz is sooooo great, plzzzz more from him!

  • Aglunin Dandruk 4 years ago

    straight outta 18th century.

  • debunkingdebunkers 4 years ago

    Because right wingers in America and Israel want war, death and money.

  • densek510 4 years ago

    two weeks and ten days for Iran and 24 hours for all others … plus
    russian S300 anti air craft /anti missiles systems to Iran …

  • Adam Stewart 4 years ago

    Also the military option would only inspire further retaliation. We’ve
    shown them that pulling out our big gun isn’t the only thing we know how to

  • RD2Elliot 4 years ago

    Classic Hair. XD

  • Ron Smith 4 years ago

    This guy is full of spin and deception for the Obama regime. What hokum.

  • jamesst3 4 years ago

    You’d think there’d be more views on this. Good that Stephen made sure to
    press the key concerns that keep getting bandied out.

  • Garrick Groover 4 years ago

    He looks like the Quaker Oates guy.

  • P. Tear Griffin 4 years ago

    Very good piece and very informative. Why is it that Stephen colbert and
    Jon Stewart are so much more informative the the god damn media

  • TrillBandit ID (FalseSense) 4 years ago

    Was his a part of the deal?

  • Al Iasb Waled 4 years ago

    am i the only one who expected exotic accent for his name and his hair?

  • Anthony Pirtle 4 years ago

    Put Ernest Moniz on the $20.00 He already has the hair.

  • JJ Keller 4 years ago

    Wow, it’s great that Stephen was able to get our second president John
    Adams to come on the show.

  • Albin Lundholm 4 years ago

    Only warmongers and American exceptionalists can be against it, but that I
    mean Republicans

  • bboucharde 4 years ago

    Dr. Moniz (PhD, Physics, Stanford) is a very smart man who knows more in
    one finger than many nut-case Neocons know in their entire skulls. He runs
    the entire US Department of Energy, which has many key responsibilities,
    including the maintenance of the US nuclear arsenal. It was great to see
    him arrange his schedule to appear on this show.

  • Oswell 4 years ago

    Most of the people who oppose the Iran Deal don’t know a flying fuck about
    the deal. They simply hate it because Donald Trump and the GOP hate it.

    I have 2 cousins and a friend in the Marines, I ain’t voting for
    warmongering Republicans (except for Jeb because he sounds the most
    reasonable out of the bunch and he’s way smarter than his imbecile of an
    older brother).

  • 11111111 111111111 4 years ago

    israel cant even suck iran’s dick if they could they would have bomb iran
    ages ago hahahah keep talking shit u wannabees israel without usa cant
    fight against iran …

  • Tony Mintz 4 years ago

    His hair looks like a flapper girl’s. It’s majestic.

  • ttambm 4 years ago

    Wow what a great interview. You will not find this anywhere else in Late
    Night tv shows. I like Jimmy, but this has real substance.

  • Crimsonphilosophy 4 years ago

    I’m going to super cuts now to get the “Washington”

  • Mirandu Kan 4 years ago

    Late Show’s “Pizza Rat” clip has 8000 more views than this video, and the
    Trump bullshit has over 50,000 more. This is what is terribly wrong with

  • Leonardo .Delgado 4 years ago

    1. His hair is funny 2. What he is saying makes perfect sense

  • L Venga Door 4 years ago

    All through the interview I wonder how many jokes Steven must have thought
    of regarding Dr. Moniz hairdo.

  • mobspeak 4 years ago

    It’s 2015, what’s up with this dude’s 19th century hair style?

  • thatonedude675 4 years ago

    It’s not that “oh we get to check up on these guys” that is making people
    angry, it’s that Iran has done everything BUT good for their own country
    and the people around them and still get something they want that, no
    matter how you twist it, is pissing off people.

    They’re still human rights violators, still fund terrorists, and still hate
    America because their government dictates it so, and yet they get something
    from us for doing literally nothing for us. It’s basically like going to
    your schoolyard bully (who has criminal history), and saying “Well, I get
    that you like stealing lunch money, so keep doing that, but how about I
    also give you a free pass to the movies!” There’s no reason for Iran to
    change their ways (for those of you thinking that they will, I have a
    bridge to sell you) and we just awarded an enemy with what they want.

    They couldn’t get nuclear power before (they’ve tried) and now they can
    just because we can look at it once in a while. This isn’t a deal, it’s a
    steal for Iran and they can laugh to the bank where they can still fund
    terrorist cells, except better.

  • Michael Andrew 4 years ago

    But where are the bingo games and waterguns


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