Dr. Drew recounts being at steakhouse when gunfire erupted

Published on May 7, 2021

Dr. Drew Pinsky joined ‘Gutfeld!’ to praise waitstaff at Peter Lugers Steakhouse and the NYPD after for quick response to shooting at the restaurant. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Michael McClure 3 years ago

    If Dr Drew was a real Trump loving Fox watching man he would have blown both their heads off and then eaten their brains

  • Donald Johns 3 years ago

    So glad Dr. Drew & family were safe but sad for the other 2 victims.

  • Patrick Miller 3 years ago

    Thanks Mommy!

  • Linda Douglass 3 years ago

    WOW, talk about God being with you. You do know that Biden will use this as a reason to take away Americans’ guns. I think this is horrible, l am sorry for all those who had to go through this violence.

  • J C 3 years ago

    This is why guns should be banned nationally!

  • J C 3 years ago

    People want police for these incidents not for psychiatric counseling of people who buy lo you cigarettes

  • bensum9111 3 years ago

    Ahhhhh, tell me what caliber it was? I hear gunshots at least once a week in a 2 block area. This is Fox and Gutfeld at their worst. Jeans for life.

  • Hjälteomslag 3 years ago

    Dr. Mommy!

  • MrShysterme 3 years ago

    What a dude. The gun shots went off and Doc Drew was looking to help medically and his wife was leading people to safety at the same time. I hope that’s all true because it’s pretty cool.

  • Rosebud 2052 3 years ago

    I love Dr. DREW! He should be on Gutfeld more often!

  • christopho7 3 years ago

    Better off goin to Peter Lugers in Long island, much safer then Brooklyn location

  • John McHugh 3 years ago

    Dr drew is bulletproof

  • Chris M 3 years ago

    Criminals will always have guns (NO MATTER WHAT BS THE DEMS AND MEDIA TELL YOU). Even if US homes didn’t have guns to steal, the cartel is shipping illegal guns and ammo across the border daily to arm the criminals across the Country. The gov is not even attempting to stop illegal humans from coming into the States, they talk about the increased drugs coming into the States but the media avoids talking about the guns coming in so they can attempt brainwashing people into thinking if guns were no longer sold in the US, there would be no guns in the States for criminals. Such BS!
    There’s documentaries done by free-lance guys that go into Mexico and film the Mexicans about the illegal guns and ammo they ship into the States daily, they ship them in and sale them to criminals as throw away guns after used in crimes. Interesting how the dems and media don’t talk about this, like it’s not even happening. The gov, law enforcement nor media can find those people but free-lance guys can go in and make documentaries about it?

  • C Broz 3 years ago

    I thought that Peter Luger was in Brooklyn…what hapoened????

  • virginia doan 2 years ago

    Pretty soon all cars will come standard with bulletproof windows.

  • Jonathan Hughes 2 years ago

    No bail is just stupid.


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