Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Testifies Against Brett Kavanaugh | The Daily Show

Published on September 27, 2018

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies about her sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, and the SCOTUS nominee loses his cool when it’s his turn to be questioned.



  • etf42 2 years ago

    2:59 she basically women-splained how the brain works instead of answering the question

  • Solly 2 years ago

    Dr. Ford is a liar and a disgusting human being. Trump is the biggest finger to liberals. Kavanaugh is the next best thing. #metooteardown

  • Shan Wali 2 years ago

    Trevor I hope we are in the same rush class for the Supreme Court!!!

  • Maryam Radwan 2 years ago

    Her voice just broke my heart?

  • Mr. Zirch 2 years ago

    Why didn’t you include those tiniest of details?

  • I am just a mom 2 years ago

    He is now the supreme justice. ??? This man should NEVER gave been put on any bench EVER in the first place. Plus he knows as we ALL do that drinking as a minor is illegal and he acted like it’s fine!!

  • Scotty Mack 2 years ago

    Every one of the comments on here or biased partisan stupid ignorant liberal leftist attacking lying bearing false witness any of these people believe this Scandal lying skank is stupid as she is any intelligent person even a deaf dumb and blind person can entertain she made the story up these leftist Liberals are smoking way too much damn weed full of themselves which is crap

  • utraceman 2 years ago

    what a bunch of BS

  • Right Smith 2 years ago

    I can’t get this American women and girl use to have sex with and then later 10 year ago an call police

  • NPC 21953 2 years ago

    The honorable Dr. Christine Ford is so courageous. She must be believed.

  • Mogwai Man 2 years ago

    I used to watch this show. It always leaned left but now its just too much.

  • Planet Goldfish Brain 2 years ago

    Ode to sassy Blassey

    My beach friends know the truth
    Two front doors are my proof
    I sip my Coke, I act aloof
    All my lawyers are hook nosed Joofs

  • Tsukiyo 2 years ago

    8:44 What do you mean you don’t know what too many beer is when you just said you sometimes have too many beers lmao. Then deflects it to the chart when he was asked to give his definition of too many beer. This guy is hiding all sorts of things.

  • Yasser Pundaodaya 2 years ago

    Cornered animals always bite

  • michele piteo 2 years ago

    Proves there’s always a princess willing to step forth holding one pea high in the air in order to demonstrate Democrat fury as Femmy-fanny, pill-rolling skills. “But the pea hurt , you honour.” After 50 years of mattresses? Just as likely her story is untrue~ all twisted up like the political cannibals these bitches are. Considering the amount of high-class whores on-call for judges& politicians 24/7 , tis an irrelevant issue

  • Mark Hunsaker 2 years ago

    Justice Kavanaugh just refused the funds that were raised by the public to assist in his defense. That’s right, he won’t accept the money others raised for him.

    Wonder if Blase Ford will do the same, or if she will pocket the over 1 million in GoFundMe money given in her behalf. Since her lawyers were working Pro Bono and all, and she didn’t have to pay for the lie detector or anything.

    Sounds like she made out pretty good after all.

  • Oliver Kalamata 2 years ago

    This aged well….

    And Trevor Noah is so bland. ?

  • AWOL DTA 2 years ago

    Sorry to all snowflakes… Thank god not everyone is as gullible as you guys… Noah is so blindly left

  • Seethi C 2 years ago

    So if all the allegations are true, then we have a serial gang rapist on the Supreme Court. Why have the news shows and late night shows suddenly stopped talking about it? This should be the story of he century.

    It’s almost as of the whole thing was a political stunt, and no longer matters since it didn’t work.


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