Dr. Ben Santer Debunks Ted Cruz’ Denial of Climate Change

Published on February 23, 2017

Climate scientist Dr. Ben Santer addresses the claim Ted Cruz made on Late Night.

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  • Peace Peace 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz , Another Republican Dick!! And 1st Comment woohoo ?

  • K S 11 months ago

    I cannot fucking believe climate change is a contentious issue in America. #stopidiocracy

  • BattleBunny 11 months ago

    its so easy to present data in a way to support your own viewpoints. Why did Cruz take a 17 year sample when there is a total 38 years of data? to omit the things that would counter his own viewpoint.

  • Joshua Nathan 11 months ago

    Americans that deny climate change are enemies of the world. morons

  • zahra zarqaa 11 months ago

    “nuh-uh.” ?

  • Victor T 11 months ago

    “I think I have a slightly different view of lawyers than you do” — Seth there talking out of experience of being married to one…

  • James Mackay 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz once said “I believe the death penalty is a recognition of the preciousness of human life.” and said that the legalization of gay marriage was “among the darkest hours of our nation” I mean the insanity of those statements is just unbelieveable


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