Dr. Atul Gawande – The Equity Problems with Vaccine Distribution | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 9, 2021

Surgeon and New Yorker staff writer Dr. Atul Gawande discusses the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, what an outbreak in a small town in North Dakota revealed about the pandemic, and his thoughts on schools reopening without vaccinated teachers. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AtulGawande



  • Charles Graziani 2 years ago

    Instead of looking at it as people of colour area why not saying that those are poor areas? As these areas are poor areas, there is less facilities and therefore it’s harder to put the vaccine there and vaccinate a large amount of people.

    I mean with rural areas that’s the same issue less facilities and the density is lower so harder for people to come for a vaccine.

  • willisverynice 2 years ago

    Cant wait for Trevor Noah to get back to his senses.

  • Reliza Schrader 2 years ago

    The doctor’s kinda a daddy

  • dosa MDMA TREN INSULIN cocaine CRACK Crystal yummy 2 years ago

    The President, (“our President of the United States”), has just not only saved the United States Citizens, “(our family members)”, but He, has saved the World also with this vaccine… We the People, and the World,( “THANK YOU President TRUMP)….

    Perfect opportunity for creepy Joe to continue with their Cabal movement. Kids in cages won’t last long when they steal them for their creepy rituals. Trump needs to play ball and get back in to office

    He is still reading off “teleprompt cards” lol… owned and operated by the leftists

    All the children UNDER 13 get transported directly to Joe Biidens house.

  • Angel Ayala 2 years ago

    @BLM #BLM look at this response. Diana Murphy ‘ 4 minutes ago
    @Angel Ayala well since you support
    the democrats, journalists, MSM and
    fail to research and investigate. I am not
    shocked you made that comment. It was
    a sad day for everyone when that officer
    was killed. I do not believe that a Trump
    supporter murdered him. I do believe
    that it was a domestic extremists such
    as BLM or Antfia. But what is great about
    this country. We both can have different
    opinions. Until censorship removes

  • A P 2 years ago

    How on earth is this show on comedy central? Trevor hasn’t been funny in years.

  • A P 2 years ago

    Trevor’s indian bot farms will like this…lolol

  • Shyam Mohabir 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah, are you still stealing other comedian jokes like you did with Canadian Russell Peter’s?

  • Etterra 2 years ago

    If these anti-mask dipshits had just done the bare minimum from day 1 we wouldn’t be in this mess now. Let them lie in their fucking bed, and they can wear masks or shell out hefty fines for being assholes about it.

  • President Trump Isn't Going Anywhere 2 years ago

    Someone should wait outside daily show studios and break this commie’s nexk

  • Mike Tonge 2 years ago

    I have not heard anyone refer to wearing a mask as a civic duty or a social responsibility.

  • SleepNo More 2 years ago

    This was a farce! That guy dodged whether teachers should get a vaccine, and why not…. And Trevor just let it slide?! These people are out here EDUCATING OUR FUTURE LEADERS for a penance, and we have the audacity to let them go into rooms full of people everyday, hoping they never get the virus?? Outrageous! I hope they strike!

  • Huib Rijntjes 2 years ago

    Operation Warp Speed made possible by President Trump !!!
    Joe resisted in his basement. God bless President Trump !!!

    Hairy Joe is a disease for the USA.

  • 24james 2 years ago

    I’m positive it’s much more equitable in S.Africa. Please go back to Johannesburg Buckwheat👋🏽

  • Nina 2 years ago

    Trevor’s fro is on point today

  • Scuzzy Voodoo 2 years ago

    Would you like your coffee; Twall, Vewenti, or…

  • J Mye 2 years ago

    There is a small church in the center of USA ~ hmmmmmm church/flag/country r u jealous?

  • Peter Thomsen 2 years ago

    Atul Gawande is a legend! Thanks for letting his voice be heard


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