Dr. Anthony Fauci – When To Wear A Mask | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on September 28, 2020

When should you to wear a mask? Dr. Anthony Fauci breaks down the finer points of mask-wearing protocol. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Dr.Fauci

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  • Rexie R 1 month ago

    Ahhhhh, common sense. So uncommon.

  • Tony Davis 1 month ago

    So why I see alot of white people not being racist but they the only ones I see riding in car by themselves with mask on it burns me up

  • Rexie R 1 month ago

    Hey, you wanna go without a mask in public. Fine by me. I’ll keep mine on and laugh when the non-maskers get seriously ill and go, OH, well I guess I should have worn that damn mask afterall. Nimrods.

  • Mr.MeeSeeks 1 month ago

    Wheres the #fauci2020 I miss having someone educated

  • Custardad 1 month ago

    Seriously? Still ask this kind of question ???

  • RV 1 month ago

    What is wrong with this country people are so selfish as to not care about others? Wear the mask, YES YOU may be infected which can hurt others. Why is this not a value to people?

  • Luis Dejesus 1 month ago

    2 swamp rats

  • Bryan Lee 1 month ago

    Dr. Fauci is a national treasure! Thank you for giving scientists a platform when we need them most, especially when this administration won’t anymore.

  • The Persica 1 month ago

    See how much doctor Fauci is happy! Thanks to the policies of his team because the United States is now the most infected country in the world and unfortunately thousands of people have died. A nasty game that still they continues to extend it! Yes doctor, laugh but at first please about yourself!

  • Otis De Ayala 1 month ago

    Can’t believe this needs to be explained. This is genuinely embarrassing watching this, while living in Singapore.

    America, UK and the crazy conspiracy theorists are only making the pandemic so much worse

  • Isabel Ramos 1 month ago

    Never cux its stupid and every one who believes the government is on ur side ur brain washed and can’t think for urself

  • Xiya L. 1 month ago

    LOVE YOU DR. FAUCI!!! And of course, you too Trevor Noah!!!

  • Tina Ohlrogge 1 month ago

    I’m going by the rules where I
    live.It’s marked clearly with
    black sharpies on fluorescent
    Arts and crafts board.
    I have a handmade one
    from a sister or mine and
    was it by hand and air dry
    and I don’t use fabric softener.
    Usually wherever I go
    where I live they give disposable masks out to anyone who requires or
    needs one so I keep those
    in a zip-loc bag in the console
    of my car.Tina from Ks…

  • Resident _Idiot 1 month ago

    Love these guy’s !

  • Sid 1 month ago

    literally this is what anti-maskers need to be taught… feel like they are so stupid they dont understand when and where to use it.

  • Snarky Snickers 1 month ago

    Covid farts may require double briefing

  • Jabba da Trump dump 1 month ago

    Fact-checking trump’s lies
    👉👉👉 https://youtu.be/sYwZwGRTmNc

  • Klackon 1 month ago

    what a patriot

  • RandomLapse 1 month ago

    Fantastic ! Dang <3

  • Iliam, Thais Vilella 1 month ago

    When will people notice that there are in fact smart Americans who wear masks


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