Dr. Anthony Fauci hulks out on Rand Paul

Published on September 24, 2020

Senator Rand Paul misconstrues Coronavirus data and infuriates Dr. Anthony Fauci. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 9/25/2020

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  • TWSTF 8 3 years ago

    Watching Rand Paul pretend to know the FIRST thing about infectious disease, especially when talking to one of the World’s foremost authorities on the subject is LAUGHABLE, to say the least.

    Imagining he would actually be able to win in a debate against Dr. Fauci on the subject credulous, at BEST. 🤣

  • RexLexus 3 years ago

    This shit is pappin

  • Santacruz Hippysurfer 3 years ago

    Rand Paul is an embarrassment to his state ~ they need to dump rand Paul ~ is cluster b. N.p.d. narcissistic personality disorder malignant grandiose and covert ~ 🐧 I think fauci should be awarded the Nobel peace prize for being genuine and authentic ~ 🐧 what do you say ~ ??

  • OBoo Strauss 3 years ago

    Lol.Go Dr Fauci

  • Sandy Allen 3 years ago

    This clip didn’t do Fauci justice. Dr. Fauci kicked Rand Paul’s butt

  • Dyno Dave 3 years ago

    Oh Dr. Fauci you of all people should know that ya just cant fix stupid…stupid is, is stupid does.

  • foomp 3 years ago

    Rand Paul can have his good moments… rarely. Shit like this though should be scorned by literally everyone who has a damn clue. I struggle to understand how these people don’t drown themselves in the rain.

  • Ain't tinfoil hat brigade 3 years ago

    Rand Paul got called out for🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 5 Pinocchio’s

  • SL *** 3 years ago

    Rand Paul what a nin com poop, he just got spanked and the shit 💩slapped out of him, love me some FAUCI…..🤣🤣🤣

  • Rick Lee 3 years ago


  • sheila Smith 3 years ago

    I thought ophthalmolgist were supposed to help your eyesight?

  • Dyno Dave 3 years ago

    How dumb is Kentucky? I mean really, the fact that they send two buffoons to DC, Turtle McTurtle and idiot Home Perm Boy…

  • Randal Bladel 3 years ago

    Dr. Fauci is right about Sweden. While their Covid numbers may have been better than the likes of Italy, France, Spain, and some others, they were much worse than Norway, Denmark, and Finland. What is more, although their economy didn’t take the hit of Italy, France, Spain , and others, they also took a much worse economic hit than Norway, Denmark, and Finland in the second quarter. Look up the numbers. I would love to see someone graph out the world’s country’s economic declines vs, their Covid related morbidity and mortality. I’ll bet the general trend is that the better you do controlling the pandemic, the less your economy declines. Which was predicted by several smart people at the start of the outbreak.

  • Corr Blimey 3 years ago

    Rand Paul missed his medication..again.

  • Hvalpikk 3 years ago

    When bullshit and political self interests collides with FACTS & SCIENCE.
    Really, what will be under attack in the US next… MATH 😂

  • J Will 3 years ago


  • CB BC 3 years ago

    RP is a filthy little worm.
    Thank goodness for Anthony Fauci.

  • Captain Kraken 3 years ago

    Rand Paul is a fart.

  • Fangs1978 3 years ago

    What do you expect from a man named for a woman who believed selfishness to be the highest virtue a person can have.

  • Berk Ankaragücü 3 years ago

    When you have a US senator that used to be an MD talk so ignorantly about public health, you really lose all your faith in the federal government. Maybe, it’s just the reflection of American people.


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