Dr. Anders Tegnell – Sweden’s Decision Not to Impose Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • DMG 12 months ago

    Sweden’s mortality rate is higher than that of the USA.

  • Misses Hippy 12 months ago

    “Death toll came as a surprise or us.” Woopse.

  • Javanka 12 months ago

    The death tolls being surprise is absolutely not adequate answer. It couldn’t have been surprise at any point.
    So many have trying to point out (i was one of them) to the health agency that their strategy with the “protect the elderly” mantra is highly unrealistic for several reasons. One being the current state of the elderly care. It is a mystery how would anyone not being able to see that. Second, the health agency and Tegnell made it all even worse by not accepting asymptomatic infection and not recommending proper protection for the staff. They did and still to this day do the opposite of that. On top of that they also refused to announce any danger to younger people with preconditions for very long time. None of this is a secret and can be easy confirmed.
    There are many other problems still going on that are also contributing to the high death rate, even today.
    The whole strategy i would argue, is actually just attempt to hide incompetence on many levels. It’s all heartbreaking.
    Tegnell have by now his own personality cult following and many people just accept whatever he says, even if he contradict himself in one single interview . He is our own Trump and getting easy away with whatever he says and the Swedish media are largely not good enough with follow up questions and similar. Trevor did some good job with this one, but more is needed.

  • Toke Loke 12 months ago

    In Sweden we have a population of about 10 million. Basically unless we find a vaccine this whole thing is going to be going on for a while. So in Sweden we are going to be achieving almost herd immunity much earlier since we have had a rapid spread now but we are going to come out of this better since we did not shut down. Cause we belive that it is not going to stop whitin 1-2 years and then every other nation will have had a big spread as well altough their economies will be ravaged and tens of thousands are going to die from other stuff because the nation is out of money

  • Fredrik Törnkvist 12 months ago

    Tegnell is a hero!!

  • Harnis MJ Infinity 12 months ago

    Sweden is 7th highest in death rate.

  • eponack 12 months ago

    Responsibly governing themselves. The majority of Americans have already proven we wouldn’t be able to do that.

  • NEMESIS 12 months ago

    Hey just found out that TREVOR NOAH is paying 25 of the daily show out of his own pocket 😳😳😳😳😳.
    Trevor is a great guy and a ‘human’. Because this is what a human is supposed to do.
    Trevor I have mad respect for you and ‘namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏.
    Love from India.

  • Evicon 12 months ago

    Fint Anders

  • Robibi Suwor 12 months ago

    The USA owns lots of military bases and labs all over the world! In this world, only the USA has the abilities of dealing all the viruses! The USA should not blame others! Please blame on the USA’s great leader Trump and his bad political team! China itself is the first victim of the coronavirus! And China did not cover up anything! The USA, please focus on fighting this virus pandemic, and stop spreading hatred against others!

  • Cancerino 12 months ago

    Sweden is performing terribly with their death rates. Use it as an example of what not to do, jointly with the POTUS.

  • Gerardo Amador 12 months ago

    “We have a huge death toll, but is going fast and we have been able to keep open schools”

    That’s fucking stupid.

  • Char 12 months ago

    They may have higher numbers right now but you really can’t tell until the pandemic has passed. It’s far too soon to make a judgement on each countries response I think… if they’re able to reach “heard immunity “ without overwhelming the medical systems they will have survived the best they could. I don’t think there is a winning response here for anyone… there is no winning with a pandemic, only the number who have survived.

  • mochabear 12 months ago

    sweden makes us look like a third world country

  • Steinar Brevik Knudsen 12 months ago

    The murder…..money talkes…

  • James B 12 months ago

    Taiwan has not locked down. The closest we have had to such was extending the winter break for students. We wear masks. Less than 500 cases and 10 deaths in the country. Given our proximity to China, it is a miracle we never felt the full brunt of it.

    Interesting how the Western media does not announce that, or like the BBC, plays it down. And Taiwan is the one handing out medical devices that are not defective. China has tried to kill the world in two ways, Taiwan is trying to save it. Taiwan cannot catch a break as the Western media still panders to China.

  • Tim Rox 12 months ago

    Isn’t their mortality rate around 10% or over. Last i checked 2k+ deaths of 22k people

  • Christian Hawthorne 12 months ago

    Basically Sweden doesn’t have a high idiot population. That’s the difference. We live in a country where more than 70% of people think angels exist.

  • Nick Hagen 12 months ago

    Well there mortality rate is also 10%.. They actely using it as a boomer-remover 😛 Swe is a meme

  • joe phuck 12 months ago

    Sweden is a joke they have more deaths then Switzerland and almost as much as Germany.. does it sound like that Sweden are least affected


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