Don’t Take The Bait! John Dickerson Warns Us Not To Fall For The GOP’s Distraction Tactics

Published on January 7, 2022

In part two of his interview, John Dickerson gives sage advice on how to see past the inflammatory rhetoric certain GOP members use to distract Americans from the real issues of the day, like investigating the planners of the Jan. 6th insurrection. Keep watching for part three of Stephen’s interview with John Dickerson of CBS News. #Colbert #CBSNews #JohnDickerson

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  • 37Dionysos 2 years ago

    Meanwhile Gaetz and MT Green are doing speaking gigs about the Antifa-Police-Government Conspiracy to make good white Americans look bad in the Rotunda. When those two want to muddy the water they just jump in.

  • Pat Sylvest 2 years ago

    “….in 4 years, he’s (Trump) has changed the very nature of truth.”
    Succinct . . . truth.

  • Arc Anon Drum 2 years ago

    *John Dickerson remains one of the honest men in corporate owned media.*
    That’s why CBS lured him away from NBC’s “Meet the Press” with the promise of the CBS News Anchor position each evening.

    I’m trying to point out that I am cynical. NBC let him leave for offending some politicians with you know; “Questions” and CBS put special legal clauses in his contract to avoid making him their Anchor. CBS chose a woman instead. Lara Logan? No, they neither protect her nor want her honesty either. No, someone with empty gravitas WA what they sought and got.

  • Tony Giles 2 years ago

    Trump is still in his political swamp and dragging Republicans into it

  • Sunny 2 years ago

    Elegantly stated John.

  • Dan Zan 2 years ago

    ADVOCATION, ADVOCATION, ADVOCATION, WHEN WILL IT EVERY STOP? This isn’t journalism on the part of Colbert or Dickerson, it’s just advocating for one side of the issue. After calling out one side being of lies, then the propaganda and brainwashing can take place. There’s two sides to every issue but these two jokers present and support only one.

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    *The Dems are just **_talking!_* They are not taking any meaningful _action._ If they were ever going to go after the *Jan 6 ringleaders,* they would have done so _months_ ago. Hawley etc will never be punished and that means they will try again. The Dems are not protecting voting rights and democracy in America. It is the Mueller report and the impeachments all over again. Call it Muellering. *Get Sarah Kendzior on the show.* Listen to her GaslitNation podcast.

  • Michael Madness 2 years ago

    Cowards will never win. Cowards sit back and report or tell others what the bully is doing to them and expect other people to care and do something about it. Other people don’t give a shit. Nobody gives a shit. That is why you see crime skyrocketing. People are joining gangs by the THOUSANDS and all you will see is Violence. America is gone.

  • v j 2 years ago

    Changing the System would require the cooperation of the GOP….

  • Necrophiliac in_lace 2 years ago

    If the Democrats weren’t scared of their own shadow, they would actually hold GOP officials who had a hand in the January 6th terror attack accountable. Sadly, the Democrats are showing us that they won’t really do anything. if the GOP wants to end American, the Democratic party will lay down and let it happen.

  • Dino F. 2 years ago

    The Trumpian base that everyone is afraid of is an overblown, loud, annoying bully of a minority. Like the red on the US political map they are deceptively large. Those red areas are sparsely populated while most of the US population votes Democratic. When a child acts out they must be put in their place, not given the same platform as rational, educated, sane individuals.

  • Steven Torrey 2 years ago

    The Republican Party has descended to such LUNACY, that should Republicans take the White House, or the House/Senate, they risk turning The United States into something akin to a Banana Republic. Under Democrats, support for globalizes (support of international efforts to resolve complex issues), support for Climate defense, and so on. While Under Republicans, we get NATIONALISM/ISOLAITONISM/POPULISM as a sort off fake uber-patriotism.

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    What Dickerson describes is such an age-old technique I even used it as a schoolboy, almost 40 years ago, to distract my teachers when I got bored. I called it “throwing out lumps of meat” back then. You should think modern-day media-savvy journalists would be wise to it.
    You should think that and you would be wrong.

  • AllTogetherNow 2 years ago

    We ALL know what the republican platform is:
    More HATE, more LIES, more RACISM, more traitors, greed, planning the destruction of the US Constitution, and allowing criminality without consequences.
    LOCK trump up

  • Pegasus 2 years ago

    fyi, John is the son of Nancy Dickerson, a glass-ceiling breaker in journalism who was the first female correspondent on Face the Nation back in the day. He grew up around ethical journalism.


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