Don’t Mess With Sienna Miller

Published on October 27, 2015

Sienna Miller, who stars in the new film “Burnt,” has taken on hackers, wage discrimination, and handsy customers.

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  • WhatYouSay 4 years ago


  • WhatYouSay 4 years ago

    She looks like Margot Robbie

  • re11k 4 years ago

    Stephen is classing it up with some very sexy young ladies, smart move.

  • PurushaDesa 4 years ago

    Oof! He’s a good interviewer. Chuck Todd, Evan Davis – take some fucking

  • Antropovich 4 years ago

    A slap on the butt warrents pouring something into someones lap, ruining
    the clothes?

    That is a very unproportional response. If the slapper had food on his
    hands, then it would have been proportional.

  • Emmanuel Rapheal 4 years ago

    She should have decapitated him. Kill all males. Scissor to death.

  • martinaee 4 years ago

    Well hello…

  • Wall OfNoise 4 years ago

    TIL that Sienna Miller is British.. always thought she was American

  • Kora Mailbox 4 years ago

    What a beautiful lady.

  • bloggs24 4 years ago

    Women are not being paid less ffs, its proven on average men are putting in
    more work/harder work therefore it appears that there making more money, it
    is illegal to pay a man and a woman of the exact same position 2 different
    Women being paid less in Hollywood is also bullshit, women like Gwyneth
    Paltrow are claiming sexism, because RDJ makes more money then her in the
    Iron Man movies, of course there paying him more, his the lead actor, his
    in more scenes, and the movie cant exist without Iron Man, nobody goes to
    Iron Man to see Pepper Pots. Jennifer Lawrence gets paid more then all her
    male co stars in The Hunger Games, big surprise right??…

  • Mr. Poopybutthole 4 years ago

    This cunt is annoying, not even a good actress.

  • faboze 4 years ago

    I like her

  • Laura Ryan 4 years ago

    Why do men feel the need to slap women’s ass, or physically manifest their
    desires to women’s detriment? I mean you always claim how strong the male
    sex is, why doesn’t that extend to strength in mind or self-control, as
    women seem to do it just fine?

  • Raghavendra Devisetty 4 years ago

    She is so beautiful ???

  • Rick Grimes 4 years ago

    They should have shot that man! I mean executed him. I mean drag him out
    into the street and shoot him in the head. YAY FEMINISM!

  • onjoFilms 4 years ago

    Sounds like she said ‘poured pastor on his lap’. What was that?

  • the one (overtkill) 4 years ago

    hmmm I was hoping they show the part where Stephen makes her eat mayo with
    mustard and paprika on a cracker then takes away her water she then say
    “What the hell did I do to deserve this shit”

  • Not Telling 4 years ago

    The more popular actor will be paid more money, regardless of gender.

  • apoorvswarup 4 years ago

    hmm wonder if they can say the same about super models and demand equal
    payment for male models compared to VS angels

  • Maureen McLean 4 years ago

    Don”t know her, but thumbs up for the dumping.

  • Cornelius Maximillianus 4 years ago

    what a sexy woman, ne sikerim seni be

  • ThePharphis 4 years ago

    Why was she making less, though? Are we supposed to just assume misogyny
    and move on?

    I don’t know anything about this specific situation but it’d be nice if we
    could know if she bothered to ask why she was making less before quitting.
    Was her talent less desirable? Was the role easier? Were wages negotiable?

  • gnc 4 years ago

    Women don’t get paid as much as men because they don’t bring in as many
    viewers. More people go to see Bradley Cooper than JLaw. It’s pretty


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