Don’t Let Your American Flag Near Donald Trump

Published on October 26, 2016

Tuesday’s monologue included a captivating World Series recap, a Wikileaks bombshell, and a NSFW moment between Donald Trump and a flag.

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  • Adam Budden 3 years ago

    If Trump wins, all late show hosts will be sent to Lord Trump’s
    concentration camps, where they tie you up and force you to watch Trump TV
    24/7 till you die!

  • ChillChannel 3 years ago

    you are a traitor, Stephen. Donald love this country

  • BryceStawski 3 years ago

    Stephen, this video might be flagged for excessive groping

  • Why you gotta go there 3 years ago

    That video is rigged, and I have proof, but the media won’t call Hannity
    and find out the truth.

  • OrcoDevelopment 3 years ago

    Better check that flag for stains…

  • Revoltingsheeple 3 years ago

    I love, and I mean LOVE all the spoiled little mental cases who have been
    turning on their long time favourite TV personalities like Stephen and his
    ilk over their choice for Hillary this election. Whether you’re a racist
    hippie bernie supporter, or a racist inexplicable trump supporter, you
    really must grow up and realise that it can’t always go your way; life just
    doesn’t work that way, kids :(

  • Mt Drew 3 years ago

    He didn’t just grope the flag… He groped ‘Merica!

  • Harshad Sharma 3 years ago

    Hillary had the greatest of luck this election season, with Biden opting
    out, whole Democratic party rigging the primary for her and Donald Trump
    being the Republican nominee. The Trifecta of her victory, even one of
    these thing changed she would have lost this already.

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    “Hey, I did not *grope* that American flag. I had just eaten an entire
    family-size bucket of KFC and needed a place to wipe my hands. Anything
    that flag says to the contrary is a huge lie, and I will be suing that flag
    on November 9th. As a loyal American, I do not believe in sexualizing
    anything patriotic, although I am blowing this election.”
    — *Donald J. Trump*

  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    Trump didn’t go that far with the flag, he wouldn’t want to make Ivanka

  • Johnny Valencia 3 years ago

    Grab the flag by the pussy…

  • New Message (Unread) 3 years ago

    Anyone notice that when he hugged the flag.. he kinda looked like he was
    hugging the ugliest girl at the pageant? His face was a bit pained. Like “I
    gotta pretend I respect you.. let’s get this over with.”

  • Avirosb 3 years ago

    *LACKS FOR RUMP 2016*

  • Jai137 3 years ago

    how bad must Trump be if Obamacare is tanking and he’s still behind in the

  • Yusuf Celenli 3 years ago

    Who the fuck is that talking off screen constantly?

  • furman761 3 years ago

    There’s a black guy with same sign just to the left of the lady. Colbert,
    do you think we’re blind?

  • Crudezz Bruh 3 years ago

    sub and like or

    trump is guaranteed president

  • 12Rman21 3 years ago

    calling your competition the “world series” might be one of the most
    american things ever

  • Avenger22 3 years ago

    BUSTED! I knew you were a sellout Hillary shill! Wikileaks just proved it!!
    You’re name is mentioned so it must be evil!

    How far does this rabbit hole of corruption go??


  • JJoe 3 years ago

    Did you just assume that old white ladies age and gender? Fucking cis white


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