Don’t Forget to Vote

Published on September 13, 2016

This election season, NBC has sent in fact checkers to keep Seth honest as he reminds viewers to vote.

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  • starkiller base 2 years ago


  • AFC SOLDIER 2 years ago


  • Firefly Guitar 2 years ago

    Voting jill stein. The other two a fucked.

  • super8mmo 2 years ago

    Vote Hitler!

  • gh2frg 2 years ago

    Having someone fact check every statement you make would be exhausting.
    That’s the point, though.

    And people, on average, tell around 3 lies every ten minutes of
    conversation. So yeah. And, that’s the point. Which is why it is so weird
    that people get so caught up calling politicians liars, yet those same
    people are liars too. Do you want your politicians to not lie? Elect
    robots, I guess. Or, does it only matter when the OTHER party’s politicians
    lie? People have been complaining about politicians lying probably since
    the first politician.

    Guess what? EVERYONE lies. Get over it. Both parties have nominated liars.
    Because lying is what people do. How about we actually look at what these
    representatives are proposing and look at their track record of working for
    the good of society?

  • Yangkee 2 years ago

    Essentially the same bit as Moe’s lie detector test from the Simpsons, but
    still better than most of Seth’s bits.

  • Daskaar 2 years ago

    hey buddy, maybe not spaz out with your foot when theres a bit being
    performed right in front of you. its fucking distracting

  • Psychotic Bob 2 years ago

    Cold but effective. Yep.

  • aliensarerealancient 2 years ago

    1:28 ROFL that face says it all!

  • TheKek 2 years ago

    What’s the similarity between Tower 7 and Hillary? Neither were hit by
    planes and yet both collapsed on 9/11

  • Stan Buczak 2 years ago

    if she were my gf, I’d have to strangle her

  • agnosticgo 2 years ago

    don’t get drunk before voting, wait till after the results, you’ll really
    need it then

  • rabbit hole 2 years ago

    if donald trump would of fainted like hillary did. seths whole monolog
    would of been about that. but since it’s Crockett hillary , he barely even
    talks about it and doesn’t even bring up her coughing fits on Thursday
    episode .#VOTEFORTRUMP liberal media is so one sided and dishonest

  • Trapsy Towns 2 years ago

    I’m voting fo- nobody cares. every1 just vote idc who.


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