Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Vandalized

Published on October 27, 2016

Right across the street from our building, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed. A man smashed the star. Deadline Hollywood somehow got it all on tape.

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  • Jak Spencer Williams 2 years ago

    First comment

  • Ben Kay 2 years ago

    what a legend

  • STL Kronikz 2 years ago

    Damn second

  • Solomon Angom 2 years ago

    Give that man a cookie.

  • ZIG ZAG 2 years ago

    Americans MUST Fully understand the agenda of the BUSH / CLINTON / BANKSTER
    / OBAMA / CIA / Wall Street / HOLLYWOOD TV Land / Crooked MEDIA Khazarian
    Mafia (KM) and Israeli Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG). Which has
    Destroyed America, Crushed Our Constitutional Rights(Patriot
    Act,NDAA,NAFTA,Bank Bailouts) along with completely asset stripping it it
    of all wealth, property and industry, manufacturing and jobs. These FAKE
    Phony Fearless Leaders TIME Has Come to a END.

  • Winter Wonderland 2 years ago

    Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall, Lining the border 20 feet tall. The Mexican
    people agreed with the lout, “We’ll pay for the thing, if it keeps Trumpty

  • Siddhaant Gandhi 2 years ago

    Too bad killary doesn’t have a star.

  • John Smith 2 years ago

    I guess you could say Donald Trump… was star-struck

  • Riz Biz 2 years ago

    Donald Trump deserves everything coming his way. Me being a muslim and if
    Trump wants to be racist so be it. I swear to god that Tramp opps i mean
    Trump will go down in flames

  • xxxxmimi 2 years ago

    what happened to mexico will pay for the wall?..


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