Donald Trump’s Awful Response to California Wildfires

Published on November 13, 2018

We are fighting three major wildfires in California, two of which are not too far from us here in Hollywood. Hundreds of homes have been burned to the ground, thousands of families were evacuated from their homes, and quite a few members of our staff were affected by the fires. One of our Co-Executive Producers was forced to evacuate her home in the middle of the night and her husband’s choice of what to bring with them was very interesting. Some famous movie and TV sets burned down. As the fires raged, Donald Trump weighed in with an awful tweet during a time where California needed support. Everything about his tweet was wrong and it did not go over well. We are so grateful to the men and women who have

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  • New Message 2 years ago

    Apparently, the important thing here is, ‘Democrats are to blame’… right, Donnie?

  • Hugh Guthrie 2 years ago

    Couldn’t watch this.. making fun of the fires in the first minute…

  • Callum Gillman 2 years ago

    Oh Jimmy… that was off the tap funny… nice work… dam… where are all the derranged Snipers when you needem….

  • Cereal Killer 2 years ago

    Man, that one lady out there with her hearty laugh. Lol

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil 2 years ago

    An awful response from an awful person? I’m shocked.

  • Tony Muñoz 2 years ago

    Jesus save those who are being affected by these fires ?? and please get rid of this terrible president ??‍♂️

  • Marina Vlady 2 years ago

    Not sure what patriots mean vs nationalist. Jimmy are you also selling the hair implants?
    Body shaming..
    that was a good messages, also what is up with fire management.


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