Donald Trump: Tiger King President | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on March 30, 2020

Tiger King Joe Exotic isn’t just one of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet in your life– he could also be the president of the United States. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TigerKing



  • K L 3 years ago

    LOVE YOU, Trevor (Get Fauci again … anytime he’ll talk!)

  • B1G M34TYCL4CK3R5 3 years ago

    Don’t worry Trevor. I don’t think that any of the current President’s followers actually your show.

  • Stephanie Kolb 3 years ago

    Note to self. Watch Tiger King. 👑

  • Snigdha M 3 years ago

    No to tiger king. No no no

  • Rasika Jayathilaka 3 years ago

    If were supposed to do 10 day vippassana retreat..
    You simply go mad Trevo!

  • Kev Ngu 3 years ago

    Dump that Trump!

  • deamonomic 3 years ago

    Trumps a fish out of water gasping for air. It explains all the flip flopping

  • I F A 3 years ago

    I think this is the best time to practice Meditation and know yourself better … travelling into your mind is effective as much as real travelling

  • Alysia Mer David-Wasser 3 years ago

    I couldn’t figure out why “The Tiger King” was suddenly everywhere. There’s a great youtuber who called Primink, who did a story about this guy last April! Check it out, (or don’t) I’m not your mom, lulz!😂

  • Ruby Gonzalez 3 years ago

    He ran for president I thank ? I dont remember

  • bob green 3 years ago

    Mr. Noah, sorry but we have a Real Poser on our hands who is greatly embarrassing and especially now when we need a real leader!

  • Haitian Creole With Luciano 3 years ago

    ‘They are successfully attacked to a lesser extent’ What the heck is that?

  • Juliétte 3 years ago

    Finally ! Been missing you so much❣️✌🏽

  • Md Abdul Wahab Rashed 3 years ago

    কিভাবে টাকা দিব,ট্রেভর??

  • ike eki 3 years ago

    Trump is abusing his power against people whose mayors or governors have displeased Trump. what a petty child.

  • matt manley 3 years ago

    As soon as this thing is solved or resolved of course Trump wants all the credit I got a CDC thing in the mail today and it literally says follow President Trump’s guidelines they’re not his guidelines he can just screw right off they’re the guidelines advised by the CDC and the doctors Trump was going to claim credit for this absolutely and hispoll numbers are going to skyrocket he only cares about ratings of course people are watching TV there’s nothing to do

  • Some Nobody 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah making basic ass bitch jokes about Trump makes me wish I was fully committed to my last suicide attempt.

  • Deb and Norm Becker 3 years ago

    Call the virus what it is the “Trump Virus”!!

  • Therese Williams 3 years ago

    He’s baaaccckkkk!!!!!!! YES


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