Donald Trump Throws Paper Towels in Puerto Rico

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Published on October 4, 2017

Donald Trump was in Puerto Rico to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Maria and to meet with locals and government officials. He pitched in to help relief workers where he had some fun with paper towels. Amidst it all he has been very critical of Puerto Rico, an island that has been going through a lot, but the one person he has had some very nice things to say about is… (take a guess).

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  • Hood Scientist 2 months ago

    When will the USA have a president 🤔

  • J-Hope's Cap in Not Today M/V 2 months ago

    First to not say first

  • PoLo Misty 2 months ago

    Why despacito

  • Lavar Ball 2 months ago

    Donal trump is the wost president ever to happen to america

  • Andrew Rodenbucher 2 months ago

    Seriously what the hell do they need paper towels for??

  • Ronny Rock 2 months ago

    Pig face trump

  • Shinobi dimsum 2 months ago

    Whenever i see Trump i replace him with Donald Duck in my head.. Makes the news more enjoyable.

  • isnec esperanza A fanamal and a Steph curry fan 2 months ago

    1:51 trump curry with the shot boi

  • Mina Torreteo 2 months ago

    have a good time… 😂 wth is there a party going on???

  • Tywithay 2 months ago

    MSNBC: Trump handed out supplies in Puerto Rico today
    CNN: Trump throws paper towels at Puerto Ricans
    Fox: Hillary’s emails…

  • Nume Moon 2 months ago

    Watching this video I think I just felt the entire world shift a little, like a collective facepalm went out into the universe.

  • Brianna Gordy 2 months ago

    Trump is just… how is this even possible. How is HE our president.

  • Anish Ghimire 2 months ago

    I want to make a joke about trump…But he is already a joke.

  • Richard 2 months ago

    Narcissistic sociopath.

  • Redman Red 2 months ago

    Fake president of my life time

  • Tammy Manning 2 months ago

    Do you want me to autograph your paper towels! I’m so great!😎

  • Cat 5 Suspension 2 months ago

    *Have a good time*

  • Bria Penn 2 months ago

    Does he not know that Puerto Rico couldn’t have done anything to stop Hurricane Maria? Who cares about the money, we need to be more worried about the lives at stake here.

  • louisa is trash 2 months ago

    wow. the only word that comes to my mind is fremdschämen

  • Tor Guy 2 months ago

    He does such insane things that even his own supporters are indenial so they call it “Fake News”…


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