Donald Trump, The Constant Interrupter

Published on October 1, 2020

President Trump had a lot to say about everything at last night’s debate. Well, almost everything. #Colbert #Debate2020 #ColdOpens

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  • Sha Ramdas 1 year ago

    Hahahaha!!!! Great!!! Hahahaha

  • Rob B rc n stuff 1 year ago

    The law and order president can’t even follow the rules for a simple debate.

  • Pasha Go 1 year ago

    Good one

  • Optidorf 1 year ago

    The best part was when Biden said Trump can’t shut up and Trump replied with _you would be surprised_ Even in an obvious trap he needs to prove he’s better than anyone else.

  • J 1 year ago

    Bro the airhorn is copyrighted by Vic Berger, apologize to him right now

  • NOMAD 1 year ago


  • Alan Przybyla 1 year ago

    All Don the Con proved to the world is that he is a bully and still thinks he’s on “The Apprentice.” And he is, the apprentice president.

  • Priscilla Jimenez 1 year ago

    The sad thing is that the debate was real…

  • DeadlyDanDaMan 1 year ago

    Pretty accurate.

  • aelnady1 1 year ago

    Biden will win but remember that the fight goes on specially after saying he’s opposed to a green new deal and Medicare for all and will pack the court..Americans will get a lousy and really corrupt president either way yaaaaay

  • Maxwell Duncan 1 year ago

    Who was telling the truth??:

  • Pixelemmy 1 year ago

    hahahahahahha this is brilliant

  • Todd B 1 year ago

    Running the USA is a man who cannot let people hear Joe Bidens answers, as it shows just how useless Trump is.

  • Dianne Forit 1 year ago

    Constantus Interruptus, it’s a wonder he has any kids at all.

  • cHriiSzbEe 1 year ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump tired to pull that shit 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • NOISEMAZE 1 year ago

    Trump supporters are saying that Chris Wallace interrupted Trump many times in favor of Biden so Trump had no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

    Chris Wallace works for Fox News. Fox news = Trump TV = Trump Cult Central. Why would he favor Biden?

  • J K 1 year ago

    I copied this from a post in a closed group but thought it worthy of a read.

    Joe Biden is a stutterer. Like many others, he has overcome the disability by understanding it and exercising extraordinary perseverance and discipline. If you know and love a stutterer and you watched the presidential debate last night, within minutes it became obvious what was going on. Abusive tone of voice, rapid fire interruptions, zigzagging change of topic, personal insult and humiliation, and family pain are all tripwires that scramble a stutterer’s ability to speak. There was nothing unplanned or spontaneous in the President’s strategy. The bastards did not prep him to attack Joe. They prepped him to attack Joe’s disability hoping that by triggering his stuttering they might deceive an audience unfamiliar with the disability into thinking that Joe was stupid, weak, uncertain, confused, or lost to dimentia.
    If you have ever gotten in the face of a bully on the playground protecting a stutterer that you love, the game being played last night was nakedly and painfully obvious. If you watched with glee while it happened, then you haven’t made much progress since the playground.
    However, the stutterer that I love taught me early on that he did not so much need my protection. He fought back by owning and integrating his disability into who he is. He learned how to stand his ground as master of perseverance, knowledge, and empathy. Without his example, I would not have recognized the game that was being played last night. I would not have been able to recognize the subtle but intense struggle against the disability that Joe was winning at the same time he was struggling to advance his positions on the issues in the midst of a rhetorical shit storm.
    But, like the stutterer that I know, Joe didn’t need any help on the playground. I was proud of him.
    The President flushed his family fortune down a gold-plated toilet and somehow wants us to believe that he is the poor victim of mean people. Then he tries, and fails, to beat up a kid with a disability on the playground.
    I’m done with this, guys. I want my country back. Thanks, Joe

  • Rin Indibox 1 year ago

    shoutout to republicans, if you’re letting that deranged president choose RBG’s replacement, your balls are shriveled grapes

  • Fabio Artos Cassone 1 year ago

    Trump Interrupts ’cause His DNA is Interrupted..too much inbred in his ancestors.

  • hmmcinerney 1 year ago

    Trump is the kid who didn’t do his homework so burns down the school.


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