Donald Trump Stole Stephen’s Bit

Published on November 29, 2018

Donald Trump’s quote about trusting his gut over the brains of experts reminds Stephen Colbert of a guy he used to know… Stephen Colbert.

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  • TheDroidBay 2 years ago

    Wasnt that something Bush Jr said first? That’s what the joke wad based on I thought

  • Barfing Unicorn 2 years ago

    That clip is so old, he said “you looked it up in a book” instead of google.

  • Peter Matthews 2 years ago

    Trump is going to steal the words of Tuck Buckford next. Just because he can’t understand the words coming out of people’s mouths coming from their brains, does not mean that his gut tells him more than their brains.

  • Ian Brannan 2 years ago

    Well… be fair i think we all can admit….he’s got a big gut….to go up against with those big brains…

  • James Elliott 2 years ago

    So he’s the Amy Schumer of presidents?

  • llongone2 2 years ago

    “I have a gut” – first true thing tRump has said as president!

  • 420StonerComedy 2 years ago

    I’m just saying, Jean Baptiste is way cooler than Stephen..

  • verdatum 2 years ago

    “Stealing my anti-intellectual property” That is so much genius in one single sentence fragment.

  • Paul J. Morton 2 years ago

    Colbert’s hair is getting gray.

  • dootu 2 years ago

    Stole your what?…. ohh your “bit”. Genuinely thought he said something else.

  • Josh Wilson 2 years ago

    The best Stephen is the RAW Stephen.

  • Robin Nilsson 2 years ago

    When my gut is telling me things I do not let it out through my mouth. I use the “other end” instead ….

  • Ken Evanska 2 years ago

    Trump went to the doctor’s with a albino frog on his head. The doc says, how long as that been there, the frog replies ,,,, A few weeks, it started off as a wart on my ass .

  • gw wile 2 years ago

    The problem is Mr. President…. your gut telling you more than others brains may be the result of how far you’ve stuck your head up your gut

  • Kevin Denning 2 years ago

    trump has stolen the United out of the United States of America

  • N Dan 2 years ago

    Wait, Viacom owned the character right?

  • Lindsay Rae 2 years ago

    Trump has a biology problem. His arse and mouth are the same. Weird but mostly true.

  • Alan B'Stard 2 years ago

    Shower US with the gold from your gut

  • Chris Bellen 2 years ago

    So trump’s gut acts like his brain. No wonder he always pulls stuff from his ass and when he speaks, shit always come from his mouth.

  • Stephen Bray 2 years ago

    I’m a socialist ????


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