Donald Trump: Never Not Joking | The Daily Show



  • King Kong Curtis 1 year ago

    Queen trump karen

  • sam martain 1 year ago

    American build by whites ruled by immigrants 🤣

  • B. Z. 1 year ago

    You know since 2020 i dont understand the world anymore trump can say what ever he wants.

  • vinifari 2300 1 year ago

    😂😂😂😂 hes a moron #maga 💩🗑🤮😷

  • Delp 1 year ago

    Left people can’t be that dumb.
    He could tell a knock knock joke and you people will think he is imitating the sound of people shooting migrants.

  • Joseph Argibay 1 year ago

    Chumpos a joke

  • mat doggy 1 year ago

    There is always somewhere in this world, a stupid one or more who are stupid, in power. And there is always one who is the stupidest …… the winner. This time you are the absolute winner U.S.A. You are the greatest again.

  • ronny lopez 1 year ago

    The people who support/cover for him look beyond stupid. Gosh. This is comedy

  • Zett76 1 year ago

    Kayleigh “mushroom-sucker” McEnany: “He was kidding when saying that he doesn’t kid! Don’t you get it??”
    …and the morale: never believe ANYTHING this “Joker” says. 😁

  • Mike Carpenter 1 year ago

    To him, it seems that the deaths of US citizens are only “numbers”. And as the numbers do not look good, he wants them manipulated to fit his personal cause. How much lower can this man sink?

  • Lewis Junior Phidza 1 year ago

    Donald has Trevor’s job so easy 😆😆😆

  • Juan Ribeiro 1 year ago

    Trump is killing the crowds

  • Yseson _ 1 year ago

    I love how he got a standing ovation for drinking water like an adult, of course he proceeded to throw the glass to the floor like a poorly behaved child

  • Douglas Trazzare 1 year ago

    i’m sorry, but all i can see is Sarah Cooper…

  • The Brand23 1 year ago

    Mary Trump describes how incidents and family patterns created a devastated man who is now President.

    US President Donald Trump’s niece releases his memoirs next month. That’s according to the publisher in a book that shines a bright light on the dark history of the Trump family.

    55-year-old Mary Trump is scheduled to publish the book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” – “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” – July 28.

    This is the first time a member of President Trump’s family has published unflattering stories about the former Real Estate Matador and reality TV star.

    Mary Trump is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., the president’s big brother, who died in 1981 at the age of 42 due to complications from alcoholism.

    The 240-page book describes events that Mary Trump witnessed as a child while spending time in her grandparents’ house in the New York district of Queens, where her uncle and four siblings grew up.

    – She describes a nightmare of trauma, destructive conditions and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse, writes publisher Simon & Schuster in a press release.

    Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist, claims, among other things, that Donald Trump rejected and ridiculed his own father when he began having few Alzheimer’s, even though he was his father’s favorite son.

    In the book, she argues that “single events and general family patterns created a broken man who sits in the Oval Room today,” Simon & Schuster informs.

    Among the relationships portrayed are “the strange and damaging relationship between Fred Trump and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald,” it adds.

    Fred Trump died in 1999.

    – She alone can tell this fascinating and disturbing saga, not only because of her insider perspective, but also because she is the only Trump willing to tell the truth about one of the world’s most powerful and dysfunctional families, the publisher writes about Mary Trump’s book.

  • Zoe Shaw-Allen 1 year ago

    Well on the bright side, Donald Trump is excellent at instilling a great sense of national pride, just not of his nation.

  • anaci paulina 1 year ago

    I love this comedy…best ever🤣🤣🤣
    Thank you &light

  • Aillen Estomaguio 1 year ago

    My impression of americans have always been that they are straightforward, practical, no nonsense type of people which is why I’m a little surprise at everything that I’ve been hearing about lately.

  • aShura 1 year ago

    What is funny is that he is such an idiot that he again dug into a hole after his “best people” tried all excuses to get him out. What a stable genius!!!!

  • Conner Studio 1 year ago

    I am the president for all Americans…just kidding…

  • Daiki Cipolloni 1 year ago

    Trump is the laughing stock of the entire world, even in his own country

  • Johnny Chen 1 year ago

    Here is my high school joke:
    My teacher: Are you kidding?
    Me: No, I’m joking.

  • itzyaboi caillou 1 year ago

    Remember when the most powerful man in the world did not have the maturity of an 8 year old

  • James Peters 1 year ago

    Damn! HRC was so qualified. No one looks forward to facing the challenges we now face, but having trump as a president is a f…g joke. We are in serious trouble and as the numbers rise, whether Covid-19 hospitalizations or deaths or racist hate crimes or our national debt, we are screwed. Thanks, idiots, for voting in a pipe-dream.

  • aymo agero 1 year ago

    I feel like when he makes those statements he’s dead serious but then after his advisors say to him it was a stupid statement he goes and says it was a joke🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Murali Rao 1 year ago

    Donald “J” Trump. His middle name

  • Some Dude 1 year ago

    Imagine the news blowup if that was obama😂

  • Hérrero 1 year ago

    Dont belive what you see on screens there is a technology that put people’s faces on a person that is being film all they have to do is put on a suit.

  • Melvin Muddfuckle 1 year ago

    He’s surely a CLOWN, AN ASS CLOWN! But he surely isn’t FUNNY! HIS WHOLE TERM WAS NOTHING BUT LIES, BS, & A JOKE!

  • Yelena Mordvina 1 year ago

    😂😂😂 man he is the founder of stupidity

  • Akshit Sharma 1 year ago

    I think Americans were also kidding when they voted for him

  • The Citizen's Gambit Podcast 1 year ago

    Hello everyone! Please watch our new podcast Citizen’s Gambit. In the first episode, we talk about policing in America and debate #defundthepolice

  • HackNPlay 1 year ago

    Kool defense by trump: if I say something stupid or something offensive to folks I was just joking! If i say something’s that work well and make me look good I was serious! He dumb,dumb!

  • Sharmake Aden 1 year ago

    This clown thinks he’s joking… I don’t buy it!

  • Chris Lee 1 year ago

    Schrodinger’s Douchebag

  • first last 1 year ago

    Your show is straight trash

  • Jose Sanchez 1 year ago

    Ok. We should re-elect him again, right?
    Said no one who’s reasonable.

  • antifaschi 05 1 year ago

    Every day i could ask myself again: WHY DAFUQ IS HE PRESIDENT OF THE US??!!!

  • D. Paul Sikand 1 year ago

    Trump is an American hero… up the filth and
    corruption created and left behind by dirty corrupt Obama….
    It is fantastic… since the 1960’s the weak pathetic
    republicans have always played nice….and let the liberals
    walk all over them……NOT ANY MORE….
    Those days are over as now the liberals are destroying
    our country……so for the first time in most peoples lifetime
    we are fighting back……
    The dumb criminal liberals just dont know what to do…..
    as they have never been challenged before….and they are
    Trump is draining the swamp at a rate never before seen….
    and the scum is even deeper than we ever knew….
    Watching the democrats put forth Biden as their current
    presidential candidate if proof that the DNC is a manipulated
    fraud……….and that the democrats are only interested in
    manipulation and power……….the people are just votes….
    Politicians like Pelosi and Schumer, and corrupt Schiff,
    are a danger to all of America…..they are paid puppets of
    the deranged globalists…..
    The fake news media is simply the advertising arm of
    the organized corrupt democrats… 8 out of 10 of the
    biggest news organizations ran 90% negative articles…..
    on Trump for the past four years……….
    The funny thing is that Trump still won the election…..and
    poor sad pathetic smug arrogant Hillary….got her face used
    as toilet paper to wipe Trumps arse………
    Biden will also be toilet paper…….

  • zorendj 1 year ago

    He has to be kidding… or else we all gonna die if he’s serious


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