Donald Trump Makes Another Perfect Phone Call

Published on January 5, 2021

Jimmy talks about doing the show at his house again due to the virus taking up permanent residence in Los Angeles, the New Year’s Eve bash at Mar-A-Lago with Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani & Vanilla Ice, Donald Trump’s pathetic phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State, a new show on NBC starring our dear misleader, the premiere episode of “The Bachelor,” and Jimmy’s wife Molly gives her Bachelor picks with help from their six-year-old daughter Jane.

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  • Stephan Schlösser 4 months ago

    afraid of jail after 20 January, is there somewhere a jail with a golf course it would make it easier for him 👻

  • john j good 4 months ago

    Love the way you bring your family into the show, makes it so real in this pandemic time!

  • J. G. Taniegra 4 months ago

    I love how americans are just clowning him now lmaooo

  • Maria Acosta 4 months ago

    Yay! We get to see your beautiful family and hear Jane sing ❣️

  • Abdul Mahmood 4 months ago

    Did they wear suits to a vanilla ice concert?

  • Zach Gates 4 months ago

    Kimmel and Colbert must have the same Trump-hating producers. How are they going to praise Biden while not talking about his senility?

  • Sylvia D B 4 months ago

    “Vanilla ICU” omg 🤣🤣
    Only Jimmy

  • Majin Sole 4 months ago

    Holy sh*t I have that same Spider-Man pop-up book.


  • Just Human 4 months ago

    Don’t mistake my silence to mean that I agree with you. It is just that your level of stupidity has left me speechless!

  • Just Human 4 months ago

    When is enough going to be enough at this point?

    The world is watching big brother democracy being flushed down the toilet. What is wrong with the people of this country?

    How did the sycophancy and corruption get to this point? What is wrong with the leaders of this country? Elected?

    Trump is openly committing treason and no one is thinking about the 25th amendment??

    America, don’t ever try to dictate how other countries should exercise their democracy. You are a shame and you have ABDICATED the right of a world leader.

    You are nothing but a two penny dictatorship!!!

  • Ryder L 4 months ago

    Kimmel you are going to jail

  • Shauna Urban 4 months ago

    Great intro!

  • Michael Dudash 4 months ago

    Medal of freedom for jimmy

  • Jeff Pagan 4 months ago

    This is awesome

  • justagirlsd3000 4 months ago

    I missed you Jimmy. Welcome back to the madness.

  • Sarah Roberts 4 months ago

    Donny carries on digging his own grave🤣

  • melek twelve 4 months ago

    So good to have Jimmy back in his house instead of that awful studio.

  • Chris Mueller 4 months ago

    😂😂😂 thanks for that! Can’t stop watching it..

  • 690169016901 4 months ago

    Love the chicks for laughing at him

  • DIESEL0759 4 months ago

    Not usually a Kimmel fan, but I do like “Ebenezer Stooge”


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