Donald Trump Loves Kim Jong Un More Than Melania

Published on August 13, 2019

It was just discovered that Trump sent a strange note to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in silver colored sharpie a couple of years ago. Trudeau isn’t Trump’s only pen pal. He was bragging this weekend about a beautiful, three-page letter he received from Kim Jong Un. Trump has shown Kim Jong Un so much affection that we decided to take a look back at the things he has said about him and imagine him saying it about Melania.

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  • Maxime Prometheas 11 months ago

    After 3:12 , Mike Pence started impeachment proceedings against Trump…

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 11 months ago

    “But he’s never had a relationship with anyone in this country”, Trump said. Somewhere, Dennis Rodman is crying.

  • Phil Stehle 11 months ago

    When king of the idiots is ousted in 2020 he should just pack up the family and set up permanent residence in North Korea then kimy and him can whisper sweet insane nothing’s in each others ears ,how touching

  • vsboy 25 11 months ago

    Trump an Kim are battle buddies it’s a good think

  • Inzam Haque 11 months ago

    Can’t imagine how much checking the letter had to go through for poison.

  • Mickey Lara 11 months ago

    Kim is going to be sending Trump nuke missile toe.

  • SKETCHY DEFAULT 11 months ago

    Oh ok

  • Howard Kerr 11 months ago

    EVERY TIME Chump gets one of these letters from Kim he can’t resist talking about it. He sounds like that GIRL in your 8th grade class talking about the fact that THE cutest, most popular boy in the class sent her a note.
    But notice, whenever Chump is asked: “…what did it say?” He describes it like it’s a new dress: ” it’s a size 12, it covers my knees, it somehow makes my boobs look big….”, but you are always left wondering, did he actually see/read it. And as it turns out….he has NOT read it yet.

  • overseer Miller0330 11 months ago

    Uhh kim nung un doesn’t have a twitter

  • Katame 11 months ago

    Very funny Jimmy, keep up the good work . Keep the attention off the Epstein case

  • Brant Lambermont 11 months ago

    Imagine if Obama said ONE of those ridiculous things.

  • New Message 11 months ago

    It wasn’t that the note was in sharpy that made it suspicious.. it’s that it wasn’t in crayon.

  • Trilly ThaGr8 11 months ago

    You bring a mans wife into this?? Jimmy Kimmel is a low life

  • International Harvester 11 months ago

    iተ’s so easy to butter up this dough boy, what a disease on our democracy

  • X- raided559 11 months ago

    The Orange clown is delusional

  • Ruta Teferi 11 months ago

    Trump is very very very evil

  • L L 11 months ago


  • Cr∆∆k$ 11 months ago

    lmao trump is the funniest dumass ever

  • Andrew Bises 11 months ago

    They should take it to the next level, he should move in with Kim

  • VicZX6R 11 months ago

    Russian Idiot!!!


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