Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • Pierce Patterson 2 years ago

    Liked for the title alone.

  • TheMusicalElitist 2 years ago

    Trump supporters: idiocy personified.

  • A-A Ron 2 years ago

    Trevor saying “ma ni**a” is weird, I didn’t like it, although in my opinion no one should be using it. It’s time for it to die, i know it’s been re appropriated by the black community to try remove the words power but all it’s doing now is keeping that awful word alive.

  • RedLeader 2 years ago

    The day top watch is Jan 6, if they overturn let’s riot!!!

  • Elinacab 2 years ago

    Trevor, I spit laughed at your opening line. Thanks.

  • Mohd Yusnor Mohd Yusof 2 years ago

    Trump confuse now wether he is a lamb or a snail

  • Rick Khan 2 years ago

    He’s grasping for any way to stay in power because his ass will end up leaving the WH and right into prison and hopefully his loyal subjects end up in there by participating in a coup and promoting this dictator.

  • Vedant Agrawal 2 years ago

    My favourite was Donald Joe Biden Beat My Ass Trump. That’s his name forever.

  • Zexy Warlock 2 years ago

    seeing him take L’s after L’s is the xmas gift i didnt know i asked for. Thank you Santa.

  • cinty cute 2 years ago

    Trump gave up a billionaire lifestyle for America, Biden gave up America for a billionaire lifestyle. Trump is a fighter, the best president America has ever had. God bless president Donald J Trump and mike pence.

  • TP G! 2 years ago

    I have a signed affidavit from Mike Rotch.

  • Igor Damaschin 2 years ago

    Man Trevor is always telling only democrats story. Don’t you guys see this. Trevor is hiding a loooooooot of information. He’s only showing democrats in a good frame and fooling of shhh Trump all the time. What about what people’s stories about this elections. Nobody talks about that. This is soo fkd up!!! That’s only one word i can say…that’s BRAINWASHING…!!!

  • Yotecai Luz 2 years ago

    Makes me think Hillary should’ve brought her case to SCOTUS since she won the popular vote. Could’ve changed herstory for the better.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan 2 years ago

    He’s not a loser. He just didn’t win.


  • Omotayo Satuyi 2 years ago

    I honestly don’t even care what this guy does anymore occurring this election I would gladly love to see him loose even more it’s just funny to see

  • Sheri French 2 years ago

    Rudy is such a bad actor!! 😂

  • Paul Son 2 years ago

    I feel like I’ve watched this already

  • Geina 44 2 years ago

    I think he didn’t get the memo, that the White house is not part of his inheritance.

  • Senjin Appow 2 years ago

    Why Is He Even Trying Anymore… At Some Point In Time Reality Gotta Slap His Delusion Back To Its Senses…

  • Gamemaster 365 6 2 years ago

    To shit thease fucking Republicans up let’s do a relection

    And watch sleepy joe win agin 😅


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