Donald Trump Jr. Might Want To Check His Math

Published on September 21, 2016

Donald Trump’s eldest son may have attended top-flight schools, but his Skittles meme heavily implies that he failed English and Math.

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  • The Flash 4 years ago

    Came Running

  • gracefullydone 4 years ago

    The M&M comment was gold

  • Why you gotta go there 4 years ago

    I never do understand why bigots think human groups are like bees. We
    Muslims don’t have a hive mind. We are individuals. Also, this whole “Every
    Muslim attack is 100% Jihad” is such a black and white worldview that many
    people have these days. Not saying Islam has nothing to do with it all the
    time. However, If you look into the people who do these things you will
    always find mental problems, and other issues, but no they can’t ever be
    individuals with their own life stories, NO! If it’s a Muslim than it’s of
    course Islam. Like the Orlando shooter. Forget that he was bi-poplar.
    Forget that his ex-wife had many times said he was violent and not
    mentality stable. Forget people close to him saying he had anger issues.
    Forget that he pledged allegiance to both isis and Hezbollah(Main enemies
    of each other.) Forget that he was gay himself and had been a regular at
    that club. Forget that he has alcohol in his history(because that’s also
    against Islam) Forget all that. Was he Muslim? “Fucken Muslims and the
    religion of peace at it again” People who react like this are one of the
    main reasons why isis does what it does.

  • Kyle Lim 4 years ago

    Stephen is on fire these past few days. He’s been so brutal lately haha
    love it haha

  • swag master 4 years ago


  • Karthik Sepuri 4 years ago

    The puns are strong with this one!

  • Espeonage the Espeon Spy 4 years ago

    Heard Trump Jr got a 100 Grand out of it too.

  • TheStormfall 4 years ago

    John Oliver tackled the same thing last year. idiot GOP

  • borot man 4 years ago

    Skittles kill! Why are you all treating this like a joke? We should ban
    that delicious, sugary treat!
    I, for one, am glad Trump Jr alerted the nation.

  • Donkey Kong 4 years ago

    Why isn’t Colbert running for president again?

  • Srinivasan N 4 years ago

    The dumbest thing about this analogy is that it is so generic that it is
    near meaningless – it can be applied to any generally harmless wide group
    and a potentially harmful subgroup within it.

    Skittles – refugees, Poisoned Skittles – terrorist refugees
    Skittles – men, Poisoned Skittles – male rapists
    Skittles – people with fake hair, Poisoned Skittles – bigoted demagogues
    with fake hair who run for US president

    etc etc.

  • Francesco 4 years ago

    I remember that during the RNC they said “a man that made such good kids
    can’t be a bad man, he will be a great president”.
    I’m pretty sure they forgot Trump Jr. exist when they said it.

  • Rockownz5150 4 years ago

    Feminists should be raped and killed.

  • Namida 4 years ago

    So if i take two, i wouldnt die?

  • MistaGify 4 years ago

    To anyone who reads this, look up Emmy Award winner John Oliver’s video
    this week on Syrian refugees. His argument also brings up and refutes the
    poisoned skittles (or peanuts) argument. Basically, he says in our lives
    there are risks EVERYWHERE, like deaths by car crashes and drowning. Yet we
    do not fear cars nor water, because the risks are MANAGEABLE! The same
    logic applies to refugees. The people who are terrorists are minuscule,
    almost everyone just wants to, you know, NOT FREAKIN’ DIE!!! The US prides
    itself as a champion of democracy and human rights and so on; in the wake
    of such a huge humanitarian crisis its people have a duty to walk their

  • Sil3nt 4 years ago

    if you didn’t want refugees flowing to your asses, you shouldn’t have
    started wars in middle east. live with the consequences of your decisions

  • Vaibhav Gupta 4 years ago

    how did he picked all the right candies? he wasn’t looking down.

  • KaliSlug 760 4 years ago

    The candy puns are firey af hahaha

  • XxDemonicGamer 4 years ago

    I feel bad for who ever happened to pick the poisonous one first out of the
    Olympic sized swimming pool.

  • Jari Sundell 4 years ago

    So the use of Skittles is dumb-dumb, then what is the use of M&M’s?


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