Donald Trump Is No Longer the U.S. President

Published on January 21, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, January 20.

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  • stvp68 2 months ago

    Former “President”

  • Robert Johnson 2 months ago

    How did we go from have our 1st black president allllll the way back to a racist sleeve bag

  • Moksha jetley 2 months ago

    Crazy Trump out, good for American democracy, wonderful for the whole world.

  • Ash16180 2 months ago

    I really liked the popcorn-father day joke. Just saying. Go Karen.

  • Abdiasis Mohamed 2 months ago

    Trump:I want to see Biden in Prison
    Biden: why does trump thing ı would visit him in prison?

  • Southern Realist 2 months ago

    What are we going to do for entertainment?

  • Wooly Chewbakker 2 months ago

    I Really Don’t Care – Do U ?

  • Darth Meteos 2 months ago

    man, this guy hasn’t figured out how to handle no crowds
    this is so awkward

  • Jamie Cottam 2 months ago

    when they gat the portrait done for the White House of Trump please can it be a miniature cameo

  • Mark Fryer 2 months ago

    Dear America, just a friendly word from Downunder.
    Don’t you Ever try repeating this crappy mal-administration again. You really pushed the limits of our friendship just a little bit too far by having a orange buffoon in charge.

  • V G Fern 2 months ago

    Good to see American’s smiling …its been awhile.

  • Plum Duff 2 months ago

    Have a great trump free day

  • Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim 2 months ago

    Beehive now as perhaps the strongest metaphor we can hold we want to make tech into a gift for humanity to create a new locus for innovation just by changing the scenery and the mekaup of the Parsipants different kinds of people to thrive this COVID and pull something fresh from the destruction, Wishing you the best all God bless America,

  • Mukelo Rata 2 months ago

    Just call him Loser Trump.

  • METAL DETECTING MATTY G 2 months ago

    No metal detecting at all.⛏😉😂 Feel free to check out my adventures on YouTube.👋🇭🇲 Trumps Gone.😂 😉

  • Ameha K 2 months ago

    So much better.

  • Skeptoptimist 2 months ago

    After Atgolf Twitler’s four year shitshow has ended: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bliss bliss bliss

  • Keith Dart 2 months ago

    The downside is that you lost a major source of joke material.

  • james pond 2 months ago

    My coworkers said yesterday was the worst day in US history.
    I laughed.

  • •ᏦᎯᎢᏆNᎯ• ᏣᏞᎯᎡK• 2 months ago

    Don’t go out of your way , but as soon as you can . Go to fox, channel. they are pathetic. Rude and so Sad . Foxes Comments are turned on.
    I left a comment , telling them Exactly what I thought


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