Donald Trump is Drunk with Power

Published on February 12, 2020

The polls closed for the New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump fired up a crowd a rally and called Mike Bloomberg a racist, Roger Stone’s nine year prison sentence was reduced to something far less severe after Trump’s tweet, we checked in with recently fired Gordon Sondland (Jeff Ross), and the 144th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog show kicked off with an unlikely duo.

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  • Daniel Squeque 3 years ago

    Primary erection ‘ ,….in the white house,……

  • Marcus Shirley 3 years ago


  • johnrock488 3 years ago


  • nizicike 3 years ago

    Power means viagra to him,but unfortune he lost his ability to rise

  • Jonathan Fink 3 years ago

    Jimmy …I love you ….but come on now Trump has become your obsession lol …

  • No Calvinism 3 years ago

    Of course! Absolute Power corrupts absolutely! The History Books show us this time and time again. Donnie is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to National Security and World Peace. He is completely DRUNK with power which has made him completely insane. 10X WORSE than a Cocaine Addiction and he will keep getting worse and worse as time goes on. HE MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  • Nikola Gold 3 years ago

    Jimmy you have no clue what you’re talking about mate. Quit disrespecting the only president that actually did something for this country. On second thought I can’t blame you… you are entirely owned by a very liberal news outlet. I just can’t believe people still buy into these crap.

  • Rick Johnson 3 years ago

    It looks CGI every time I see Trump..Fake pres fake videos

  • Robert Draper 3 years ago

    Last week Mitch McConnell crowned him king of America.

  • Jae Diaz 3 years ago

    Democrats are such sore losers

  • Randi Gut 3 years ago

    “The other side”….. Narcissists always say the true law is “other side” & so divides our nation purposely so unlawful outlaws can get away with their greedy illegal actions ….of course, cuz the devil has slowly worked to turned perception on earth ro “good is bad & bad is good”….
    Like a generation ago “that’s bad” meant good & this generation it’s now the word “dope” means great ..funny but true & with Trump the devil is really working over time for a big push to turn bad ro be perceived as good ….all Trumps tweets are attempts to do just that if ya look at them collectively

  • Char Walt 3 years ago

    Yea comedy is definitely dead on the left ?

  • Metalbass10000 3 years ago

    Sentencing recommendation went from 7 to 9 years down to 3 to 4 years overnight. Based on what he was convicted of he could have been sentenced to 50!!!

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    MAGA 2020. Sponsored by adderall

  • John Conlon 3 years ago

    Im from uk…..your politics is nearly as bad as ours

  • Brain Dead Wolf 3 years ago

    “Stop and frisk is also his policy back stage at his beauty pageants” is perhaps the best quote I’ve heard all week

  • DMAD Dário Dias 3 years ago

    Joe biden sure does love kids though

  • Donald Clement 3 years ago

    Look at your beloved demonrat beffore .

  • BRIAN 3 years ago

    Trump is a better president than Obama and jimmy Kimmel hates it!

  • goodgulf13 3 years ago

    He’s not drunk on power. His mind’s gone.


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