Donald Trump Is A Diagnosed Narcissist

Published on May 17, 2019

Two psychologists examined Donald Trump’s psychological wellbeing and the results were… conclusive. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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  • luckyDancer100 4 months ago

    Jeez the news is depressing

  • Adam Poll 4 months ago

    Well, 45’s complexion does disprove the adage that you can’t gild a turd 😉

  • The Sneezing Picture 4 months ago

    heh heh… poop

  • Tucker Bowen 4 months ago

    In other news, water: wet!

  • legendary soldier 4 months ago

    trump going to turn the parade into a rally….it would b funny if know one showed up…..Lincoln should get up and Kick him dead n his that would b funny.😂😂

  • Michael Pondo 4 months ago

    Is narcissist the same tbing as ass hole. ????

  • MY MOOD RIGHT NOW 4 months ago

    ‘Tag Mommy Look At Me’ 🤣

  • Zugly Monster 4 months ago

    His followers will just say he didn’t personally evaluate him

  • Priscilla Jimenez 4 months ago

    4:30 watch that be a scene in “Our Cartoon President” lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Funky Monkey1886 4 months ago

    As much as I dislike Bone Spurs Toadstool Dick, any psychologists who are willing to diagnose someone without meeting them are questionable. Does he display narcissistic tendencies? Yes he does. Is that enough to offer a proper “10 out of 10” diagnosis? No. I doubt many people would want a professional diagnosing them without them ever meeting them or even asking them questions.

  • Kay2Jay 4 months ago

    So now that there has been actual psychologists who diagnosed this idiot with narcissism can we please finally force him out of the presidency? A narcissist shouldn’t be president.

  • SoLongSidekick 4 months ago

    why does Colbert always think when people groan because something’s disgusting that they are groaning because he has gone too far on a joke? He can’t possibly be that stupid.

  • Zach Hamell 4 months ago

    We fucking knew he was a narcissist already, the question what are you going to do about Republicans? Oh wait nothing.

  • BTS LIVE 4 months ago

    Trump’s mother was a maid when she met his father. Obviously his parents didn’t teach him properly.

  • Rose Hill 4 months ago

    4th of July about trump…tries to convince allies to go to war with Syria cause *shrugs* reasons (no evidence given)…what next having a twitter poll to see if the USA goes to war? USA deserves better.

  • David Vanstone 4 months ago

    Well no shit Sherlock. What else explains his complaining when the number of his twitter followers drop.

  • Benjamin Dupuis 4 months ago

    What will I be doing on July 4th? Ignoring my least favorite joke of a president and getting high as the flag can be raised.

  • harlow jean 1975 deymonaz 4 months ago

    A couple of nuggets short of a 6 piece

  • RoughneckMP 4 months ago

    Donald Trump is a narcissist!?

    No………. I don’t believe it.

    Yes, that’s sarcasm.

  • Michael Rhodes 4 months ago

    So, isn’t this 25th amendment time???

    Opps.. I forgot, the Constitution only applies to the 2nd and 5th amendments….


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