Donald Trump Has Been Impeached

Published on December 20, 2019

Democrats in the House made Donald Trump the third President ever to be impeached, he lashed out at the widow of a former Congressman, we slowed Trump down for a new edition of #DrunkDonaldTrump, and seven nearly-forgotten Democrats took the stage here in Los Angeles for debate number six.

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  • RahRan123 7 months ago

    you made a mistake it’s suppose to be “Donald Trump* Has Been Impeached”

  • steppenwolf_on_tour 7 months ago

    Thanks god, that you are back. Why didn’t Mrs Larson made the show on this one day naked. Her dress was improper.

  • Dan Cardoza 7 months ago

    I always said, trump would blame the stove if he burned himself cooking. I guess I forgot about the dishwasher, lol

  • Chia Treme 7 months ago

    This dude has never used a dishwasher in gis life. It is a silly ploy to make the gullible believe that he is the average family man who actually helps around the house. There is a method to this insanity and the public is being played for their votes. Do you actually believe that he has to flush 15 times in the WH?

  • perfectionbox 7 months ago

    Now the evangelicals published an editorial saying they want Trump removed for amorality. Guess they realized that Pence could actually become president quite easily

  • Rob Logan Jr. 7 months ago

    sociopath, megalomaniac, and compulsive liar….he just makes up things, spouts lies..and I think he is so deranged that he believes his own lies to be true.

  • John Browne 7 months ago

    It’s meaningless.

  • no name 7 months ago

    The only reason he was impeached was because there are more democrats that republicans in the house.

  • Charles Lee 7 months ago

    Oh boy our idiot president only worry about toilet problems washing machine and tweeter. On the right track America???????

  • Ericka Jones 7 months ago

    I wish you a merry impeachment…I wish you a merry impeachment…I wish you a merry impeachment and a new president next year?. ??does exist?.

  • Kevin Rivera 7 months ago

    He coming back

  • saijinkai 7 months ago

    Wtf is he rambling about?? Dishwashers??

  • K Matsu 7 months ago

    With Donald Trump, EVERYTHING is a quid pro quo. Unless you have something to offer him, or something he wants, or are willing to flatter him, he has no use for you.
    He is the first fully transactional Pretzeldunce.

  • ANDROID PLAY NUGGET 7 months ago

    YOU MAD BRO !!! ???

  • Ngoc Nguyen 7 months ago

    Toi khong thich nuoc my doi su voi vi tong thong vi Dai nhu vay.. Toi yeu Trump l love you Trump.. Thank you trump???

  • Bradon Woods 7 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • Jacqueline Seenandan 7 months ago

    Yeah!! Hooray and about time too. Now the Senate needs to grow some balls.

  • The Avenger 7 months ago

    Impeach and remove from office both pence and trump they are a couple of clowns and stooges . America deserves much better than these two fake goverment officials

  • Mike Kerr 7 months ago

    Last laughs on you Jimmy. Your so immune to the majority of Americans and the poverty and overall quality of life they live. He’s getting things done and the economy is better than ever. Your empathy should be in support of those that hes helping and cant afford to live in mansions and write kids books. And you should be thankful for DJT. He’s good for your business and guess what… 4 more years!!

  • Ben Sagnella 7 months ago



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