Donald Trump Had No Filter In His New York Times Interview

Published on July 21, 2017

Trump’s off-the-wall interview with the ‘failing’ New York Times didn’t ‘fail’ to disappoint Stephen.

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  • That Cathedral Guy 2 years ago

    Anyone wanna know how I keep getting a lot of likes on Colbert vids? It’s not me bottin I found a sad YouTube way lol

  • Luis Perez 2 years ago


  • BdR76 2 years ago

    “Greatest speech ever” “Biggest celebration in the history” Why does the New York Times make Trump sound like an obnoxious 7 year old? Sad. 😉

  • Mathew Ricafrente 2 years ago

    Imagine if OJ was president and Trump was in prison

  • KingOfMadCows 2 years ago

    Mrs. Abe wasn’t the first woman to fake something with Trump.

  • Sassy Potato 2 years ago

    Trump Is Not Mentally Fit to Be President. Evidence? There are plenty like:
    Trump did what no U.S. president has ever done. He accused his predecessor of spying on him. He did so over Twitter, providing no evidence .
    After inauguration, he spent first full day in office focused not on the problems facing our country but on the problems facing him: his lackluster inauguration attendance and his inability to win the popular vote.
    His extreme disagreeableness, his loose relationship with the truth and his trigger-happy attacks on those who threatened his dominance are the worrisome qualities.
    His incoherent speech and actions make him incapable of safely serving as president.
    His narcissistic personality, need for admiration, and lack of empathy is another worst quality (e.g., “Nobody builds walls better than me”; “There’s nobody that respects women more than I do”; “There’s nobody who’s done so much for equality as I have”).
    (“I alone can fix it”; “It’s very hard for them to attack me on looks, because I’m so good-looking”). 
    (“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy”)
    If someone still wants to support him, they need some serious medical help

  • zach miller 2 years ago

    Narcissism at its best

  • Amy June 2 years ago

    3:47 Thousands and thousands of people…probably like three people then?

  • Cruze Adams 2 years ago

    Trump has been a riot so far. He has truly turned America into the greatest shit show on earth again. However, I hope he can increase the power of his pelvic thrusts and give the American empire the climax it deserves.

  • pureple snow 2 years ago

    Props to the interviewer at New York Times who managed to not breaking apart while interviewing Trump, i pretty much would strangled myself after 5 minutes breathing the same air as he is.

  • Laymen Gaming 2 years ago

    I know when I’m innocent I always start threatening those that are investigating me and asking my staff if I can pardon myself. That’s just standard, run-of-the-mill innocent behavior.

  • roguecactus7 2 years ago

    Comey loved that job, HE LOVED IT! 😲

    But I can’t wait to see the not-sees. 🙈

  • Anon Ymous 2 years ago

    That Not See joke was funny as fuck. Who ever wrote that. Top notch.

  • Dev Khanayat 2 years ago

    Donald Trump is the best president ever in US history. Just look at his tremendous achievements. He has given so many jokes to Stephen, so many issues to talk about to John Oliver and so many cold opens to SNL. Believe me, he is a terrific president. Nobody understands Presidency better than Trump!

  • Jake James 2 years ago

    2:28 Random awkward shot of the audience?

  • Travis Graves 2 years ago

    How in the actualy fuck is this “man” our president?

  • TheJonnyEnglish 2 years ago

    why’d they keep showing the crowd??

  • Rick Sanchez 2 years ago

    The president with the least vocabulary in American’s history 🙂


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