Donald Trump Doesn’t Talk Like A Guy Who Knows What He’s Talking About

Published on April 30, 2020

The President seems unconcerned about a possible resurgence of coronavirus infections and is refusing to extend federal social distancing guidelines into May. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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  • LORISSABOOBMAN 2 years ago

    Do Trumps Florida cockroaches work at half price for a fully fried brain of a President Tang Man?

  • Darth Hiro 2 years ago

    I’m on the phone, watching this

  • janine Chase-Russel 2 years ago

    Leeches. He’s gonna bring back leeches. Those leeches gonna suck the virus out and BOOM. 💥

  • Cosmic Charley 2 years ago

    Trump is getting us through this…Perfect? Well, there’s a lot going on…YOU? Are a 2 bit talk show host that nobody will remember

  • Carla Jolly 2 years ago

    You’re having too much fun !!! Good for you Stephen.

  • The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just 2 years ago

    I AM on my phone actually. I’m watching some dude on the Internet talk to his family about their phones

  • Derek Barolet 2 years ago

    This is soooo much better than regular show. The family interaction is so nice to see

  • Ted Det 2 years ago

    Dont look now, but Obama’s old FBI ring that The President FIRED is about to sing like birds. They messed up with Flynn, Comey, Steele. Bye bye Colbert

  • david white 2 years ago

    those burning embers Are people being cremated you orange fool

  • DJ MacTab 2 years ago

    “We all want to get u out of the White House.”

  • Lisa Garrison 2 years ago

    We have a shitident problem

  • 1p6t1gms 2 years ago

    I wonder if people canceled their auto insurance to put that cheaper new teen driver insurance with the current homeowners insurance.

  • chris marsh 2 years ago

    You gonna say anything about Biden being a bit Rapey! you will get lots of clicks I’m sure. why are you late night hosts ignoring the whole story?

  • Elizabeth Cameron 2 years ago

    Stephen, you wear winter colors well.

  • Ronny Shama 2 years ago

    Your hair looks good today 👌

  • Leesil M. 2 years ago

    Man, don’t rattle off your measurements like that, it makes me feel like I’m back at the Men’s Department, measuring dudes for the weddings. RIP to my second favorite job I ever had.

  • Suckafree FREE 2 years ago

    😂😂😂😂 CRAZY madness

  • Conspiracat 2 years ago

    Trump wants things to “go back to normal” so there can be another outbreak and he can make sure that Covid is around in November so he can postpone the election. He KNOWS the second he is no longer Pres that he will be criminally indicted. Nothing more dangerous than an insane man with terrible power who is desperate to maintain his power. Watch out for a rat if you back it into a corner…

  • Albert Maynard 2 years ago

    Inconthievable ….

  • Earl Foreman 2 years ago

    Trump is an idiot


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