Donald Trump Doesn’t Care Anymore

Published on October 18, 2019

Another member of Trump’s administration, Rick Perry, is resigning, Trump’s acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced that there was ‘quid pro quo,’ Trump is still focused on the 2016 election, Donald J. Trump Jr. (DJTJ) stopped by Sean Hannity to defend his daddy, the White House announced that the next G-7 summit will be at the Trump Doral golf resort in Miami, and Mike Pence went to Turkey to try and clean up Trump’s mess by meeting with President Erdogan.

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  • Steven Shirra 1 year ago

    You will be serving a prison term dear Donny. You will be the server.

  • Alawiiiz 1 year ago

    Really now? what he was waiting for

  • Tommi Eklund 1 year ago

    Trump’s Administration is amusing

  • Robert Curtin 1 year ago

    I said it before and I’ll say it again” He’s the man who sold the world”?

  • Mike L 1 year ago

    It’s not even funny anymore. It’s time for this man to be removed from office before it’s to late.

  • Nevoy 1 year ago

    Jimmy stay out of politics

  • Michael Zhu 1 year ago

    He doesn’t care

  • Lorraine Bell 1 year ago

    G7 in a Trump hotel is a conflict of interest!

  • Darth Pineapple 1 year ago

    Bed bugs at Doral.

  • Buch 1 year ago

    It’s a self serve diner Donald. There is no server.

  • Jack Hackman 1 year ago

    Trump loves to rub his breaking rules in the faces of Democrats.  He knows he can’t used his private owned Mar a logo for the G7. Again he is waving his Dictator flag.  Will he get away with breaking the law..wait and see.

  • 690169016901 1 year ago

    Just happy to see the rats still running from the sinking ship. Run you vermins

  • furydad555 1 year ago

    Jimmy Kimmel wants to phukk Donald Trump soooooo baddddd…….
    Go get you some JimmyBoy!

  • CG H 1 year ago

    Y’all, is this real life?! I just can’t. They need to get Trump OUT now!

  • josh grant 1 year ago

    When all you need is a piece of bread….

  • Jockum T 1 year ago

    FYI 13 hours after this ”pause negotiation” Turkey attacked Ras al-Ain (city controlled by the Kurds). Come on america, no one takes your administration’s words seriously anymore.

  • jimbob junior 1 year ago

    Jimmy is a moron. He should just do his job and chat to celebrities. Couldn’t care less about his political views. Just another puppet.

  • Fred Sancho 1 year ago

    It’s so true, Trump just doesn’t give a f@ck anymore ?

  • Lanwarder 1 year ago

    I am fairly confident that Trump has no idea how a server works….I’m not sure he knows what it is….It really just feels as if he’s repeating stuff some idiot said in front of him like when he talks nonsense about the Kurds not helping in Normandy or wind power being dependable on the wind blowing at the moment you need electricity…how dumb does one have to be not to be ashamed of this man? I mean, supporting his policies is terrible, but supporting his nonsense is just dumb.

  • Oliver Smith 1 year ago

    Ahhh he learnt a new word “Server”


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