Donald Trump: Cashing in on the Presidency | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 23, 2020

Did Trump run for president just to make money? Maybe. Did he realize that becoming President could make him even more money than he imagined? Definitely. Here’s a look at how Trump cashed in on the presidency. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump



  • PAYNE KILL GAMING 5 months ago

    Where was trevor

  • Admin ANRO 5 months ago

    His property is his peanut farm.
    And everyone must consume peanuts

  • Carol Walkerfountaine 5 months ago

    Well, his fun will end January 20, 2021. Then he will spend what money he has in attorney fees to keep himself and children out of jail. Cy Vance and Lititia James will be waiting for him…..maybe leaky hair dye Giuliani and barr will continue to help him…

  • Wally Hamdan 5 months ago

    Trump’s religion is $$$$$$$$$ and nothing else, same as all religious leaders.

  • Lone WolfGamingPlus 5 months ago

    It’s funny enough that he says “He’ll Drain the Swamp” even though he’s part of the Swamp !!

  • Jaden mathew 5 months ago

    I hope they go after him and all his assets once he’s out of office in Jan

  • Deva Rafael 5 months ago

    tRump’s ‘presidency’ will taught me of the worst of and how low American society is capable of.

  • Azif Musheer 5 months ago

    This is a old video wtf

  • Renz 5 months ago

    Cashing in? How? By donating his presidential salary? Some people make up their own facts lol.

  • I'm right you're wrong 5 months ago

    But, I mean,….Is it a surprise?

  • Akheem Akhi-Gbade 5 months ago

    Nothing new. From day one!

  • Naz V 5 months ago

    No wonder he is playing so much golf lately at his resorts. He is milking the few days he has left for whatever he can. He might actually get out debt free and then some after this presidency…

  • Y B 5 months ago Happiness

  • gigi stoner 5 months ago

    The SENATE Republicans have allowed this!

  • Michael Ulbricht 5 months ago

    He’ll keep on grifting it in using the White House for cover until he leaves on 1/20/21. We literally could not afford 4 more years of this clown!

  • First Last 5 months ago

    They need to upgrade the requirements for becoming president besides age and citizenship.
    HR interviewer for a bank teller job: So mr trump, you’ve had 6 bankruptcies, over a hundred million in debt, multiple consumer fraud cases, sexual assault allegations, under investigation for tax evasion. I don’t think you’re a good fit for the company, maybe try running for POTUS where you can adminster hundreds of billions of dollars.

  • Huy Nguyen 5 months ago

    I think the election rigged is real.

    I mean look, Trump rigged the election like in 2016 and still lost. That’s why he still claim the election is rigged with confident.

  • favorite09 5 months ago

    Are you telling me that America just accepts this? If it’s illegal then how is he getting away with it. He should be in jail. There is too much corruption in politics and too many others just like him at the top lining their pockets. I mean we get that it’s been like that for soo long but it’s now getting disgusting how openly these people are behaving right in our faces. Just because they think we can’t do anything about it

  • Jason Miller 5 months ago

    White privilege?


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