Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Rekindle Their Bromance | The Daily Show

Published on April 24, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron receives a warm and handsy welcome from President Trump before a formal White House state dinner.

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  • shaka Ahmed 1 year ago

    Macron u better get off with tht hand, im sure he was graping pussies all day long.

  • Brenda Wangeci May 1 year ago

    Americans this is the guy you voted in? Sigh!!

  • Moni Gupta 1 year ago

    Trumps look like Michael from office

  • Edhebi 1 year ago

    As a french guy, I gotta admit, this was weird AF… On one side, this is plain humiliation of our country leader, we could hear all the country cringing. On the other hand, we were kinda proud of him. Sort of a “Nicely done handling the baby-sident”

  • Edward Garix 1 year ago

    Macron for 2020 US election then.

  • Nat Vasch 1 year ago

    I am pretty sure the Donald (or as he likes to refer to himself: ratings machine, DJT) really likes Macron. When he dislikes someone he usually calls him or her out, whether it is appropriate or not. He does the same with Macron, just in a positive way… It is so weird to hear him say “I like him”, one might almost forget he is not a 9-year-old. Then at the same time, there are a lot of moments where you could forget that…

  • Kiwi Cake 1 year ago

    Connor: Bromance

  • Jin Ryse 1 year ago

    Bruh im fuxking dying from laughter, I can’t breathe

  • Amartya Chakraborty 1 year ago

    Dare me to sleep with your wife 😂

  • Definitely a George Soros funded bot 1 year ago

    Nah, Putin won’t let that happen

  • Paul Lo 1 year ago

    Obama had Canada, and apparently Trump got France

  • LeoBvt 1 year ago

    Guys i’m actually french, and i can tell you that this show is fucking illarious, they really look like they are best friends xD

  • No secrets 1 year ago

    1:38 you just never know

  • Mark Pemberton 1 year ago

    Such a massive fucking embarrassment.

  • Sammie Cave 1 year ago

    I feel like when Trump says it’s not “fake news” it might be “fake news”

  • sandeep salvi 1 year ago

    Macron to Donald, ” Do you want me to send my bodyguard Benalla, He is good at beating up people who critisize me?”
    Donald to Macron, “Give me some back massage first”

  • Amarilis Amaro 1 year ago


  • Aleksiniko 1 year ago

    Trump + Macron = Careless Whisper

  • Aiissa H 1 year ago

    Le 7 mai 2017, la France fatiguée a élu, de guerre lasse, son Barack Obama blanc, son Justin Trudeau intellectuel, son petit prince survendu par la réclame. Emmanuel Macron dit vouloir combattre le “monde ancien” : ce dernier a, dans les faits, rempilé pour cinq ans. Le président de la République a recyclé les mêmes technocrates, la même élite coupée du peuple, les mêmes utopistes et leur idéal post-national, les mêmes fanatiques du conformisme et de ses âneries. “Toute époque finit en mascarade” a écrit le génial moraliste colombien Nicolás Gómez Dávila. Ce recueil est la chronique hebdomadaire de la lente décrépitude de la politique, qui a abouti à la fausse révolution macronienne. Parce qu’elle repose sur du sable, elle est promise à l’échec. Tout est à reconstruire, dans la résistance et la reconquête. Ceci est l’affaire des Français. La colère est bonne conseillère.

  • fillr8t 1 year ago

    lol 1 month later they both hate each other


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