Don Lemon on the Death of George Floyd, Forgiveness and Calling Out Celebrities



  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    Mac n a g  i t 

    like that lesbian couple with relation problems?

    but they can meet first and say no for some reason say the price higher or they have another candidate

    there were allowed to steel items 

    that is the helot Ukraine now

    b  r  o c o ll i 

    This item was produced or created: 1944

    Scope & Content: This film dramatizes the survival of the crew of a downed military aircraft in the jungle. The film features Van Heflin as Lieutenant Lynn Harrison. Produced by the First Motion Picture Unit during World War II.

    US in jungle in 1944?

    they did not tell them where they were going who they were bombing

    is the green screen ?

    how they entirely ignored camera 

    they very good actors

    they don’t teach about tics any more 


    how they film this

    rail aerial view etc

    and they do not seem to be aware of cameras

    clarion evaporates

    so what the on military mission doing what?

    trying to eat up all jungle fauna ?

    meet quinine or out of print


    they get get more than they asked for

    they killing the army with horrible medicine they offer

    they let him die?

    the crew?




    stewArtsmay t s

    is got a Luk

    hans is a cre 

    pro m i ss every sin

    hitler started war by sneak attack

    they did not declare it

    where are the national police head quarters?

    National police??

    that is fighting Nazistis police

    so good cop bad cop?



    lie kee

    tie knee


    sender there with some of their deers

    bacteria is more complex life form then virus

  • Morgan Garner 2 years ago

    Thank you for having these conversations on your show. Lemon is right, visibility is so important and you’re setting a great example here with them. Looking forward to the rest of this week’s content. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    president putin is not going to meet with president Trump to be writing things down

    is ridiculous situation

    he isnt leaving yet

    president trump isnt going to write things down also 

    so what to do?

    g o l f ? go to sauna?

    do mar t i al Arts

    Mar s i an?

    they going to decide head US military to talk about it??

    the top american military knows all the maps?? where to fly/?

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    thsi russian general basically 

    was asking nazies to free russia of communism 

    but nazi did communal living

    asking special Nazi police SS

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    the kid got chronic suns infection or other kind of virus giving to elderly judge 

    what a nonsense about building machine prototype of 3 d printer that is he means a car he can drive at 5 years old?

    the father already paid how can kid testify he mailed ticket personally??

    there is 3 times increase???




  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    do they burn forest on purpose t have more land to build something?

    in california



    14 min

    your son, earth

    not a father of the son

    or your son earth

    gorbachev  cut all wine grapes

    your ukrainian son earth 

    barrak po i t A ll young S k ey

    was it stalin

    st a l l i o n NA perenositcia

    never seen



    he said the 

    wine yard is hurting and almost made his son deaf in one year

    Ma h a r i s h i v i l l y 

    non violent crime

  • Christopher Melville 2 years ago

    America you look broke AF.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    is military same as national guard?

    President Trump says he’s mobilizing the U.S. military to end ‘riots and lawlessness’

    President Trump, declaring himself a “president of law and order,” threatens to deploy the military to cities where, he says, governors and local officials have “failed to take necessary action” to end civil unrest.

    there isnt clarity who is national guard is that military?

    if military is different than national guard in California they already called for National Gurad without president help

    Also in LA times they said president says governors failing but it sound that National guard s failing and not governors and actually governors not managing military president does 

    sounds liek governor manage national guard which is who is failing 

    but they failing how they arrest brutally looters?

    or they do not allow ciecful protest cause 

    there nee dot be a limit hw many people and how far away from each other they need to stay cause of the virus

    I could not breath through my nose in the morning actually

    i haves kind of a flam maybe caus ei eat honey every day 

    sugar does this

    even i only have a maybe 3 spoons maybe more actually cause it goes in my tea

    when i lay down i have flam in my nose and when i left the head up it is not in my nose cause of the gravity 

    there is no law preventing police brutal arrests fo non violent crimes they arrest peopel butally like this when peopel even try to commit suicides and they treat them horribly 

    what are the rules and what military going to do sniper people on the street ?

    we play video games now, lot of peopel have guns 

    military and police loot too

    and who is going to pay for this like he is a biggest person on the planet?

    7 ele va


    gas stay toil

    the other cannon mount was shorting the brain cause it was made of thick iron 

    fake negative test 

    which is symptoms

    6 min has harry styles twin

    it probably is a girl

    the mosquitoes bite rats and then they bit people is there are rats in close proximity or when rats sleeping during day is they are in the house and also rats bring larvae on then from which various scares and monitors grow because their blood is cold they cold blooded and they eat their won friends rats

    they have to study food compatibility and only serve vegetarian lunged in school liek steamed veggies grain like whole grain withs lenlitsl and etc with fresh olive oil no cereal and no GMO

    very simple soups 


    they can make mashed potatoes once a week etc

    it doe snot have to be expensive but teach kids eat soups and whole grain with veggies

    doe not throw food you can feed that to a pig 

    get a pig and feed it in school so kids can see what pig looks liek as a pet and actually even clean cage 

    so then they say we do not want to eat a friend we looked after

    do not deep fry anything nd do not give them pasta all the time even though i would liek some pasta now

    i would lek a lt of things now but that doe snot mean anything 

    do i get all i want all the time?

    if i do to then what do iget just pasta ? in that moment

    and then every moment snap again

    that is lek a tiny pan 

    i do not know what they showing

    they say no leftovers basically make sure ther his no leftover everything has to be fresh every day

  • davynajam 2 years ago

    The training to subdue someone this way is totally flawed. I knew it from the very first time I saw it on another cop show.l believe Floyd isn’t the first victim of this kind of apprehension.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago



    there is no law saying that police can get sentenced to prison for killing any civilian during arrest

    so what prevents this to happen 

    actually it is considered civil law suit not criminal

    so if a civilian kills police that s criminal and actually if civilian kills other civilian 

    but if police kills civilian not other police that is civil case

    i was reading the law the other day it sounded like it that the rules and laws are twisted in this way.

    But actually if we considered that police is ceremonial role and we explain to peopel more

    than police need to have protocol for arresting people clearly thsi arrest for 20 dollars was a political campaign and over kill t was not  a racial problem they could have killed a white man same way if he was a larger with tattoo and a bit rough looking 

    if that benefits them to say it was about race

    but sure if they killed a white man because of 20 dollar suasions of fake bill that would not create such  giant problem it ha dot be white man

    t direct attention 

    ID need to only need to be for driving no address 

    alien number 

    utility bills

    asking social security numbers why utility bill tasing social utility number??

    they have them 100 percent 

    is easy to hack into their systems 

    net s v e t a 

    k o nets 


    same as dian leader was invited to g 7 ??

    NATO not attending G7 and so re s h u file


    cancel cross references 

    clubbing same as WTO

    pro g N u l a 

    p r y g Nu ll A

    that didn’t make sense that strategy that talks only sooting in the dark straight up

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    why the US planes are dying in Russian borders??

    they said many planes without warning parting Russian borders?

    also mosquitos biting rats and then buying people 

    i have all my feet bitten by one aggressive mosquito 

    is very itchy

    is same guy and he bit me like in 3 spots

    wa t c h h o w a r t  h flats

    too many children

    am serious

    useless people have children to and they eat all the time

    it end like this

    2 hours 19 seconds

    do they let him read the same book 

    when they say two people own land

    that is not mean we put border in ther an then a person owns a lot 

    they both own that land two owners

    it is not like there are two owners on the lot cause some people own better piece of loot and the other people own worse voce of land and then they marked them to look similar in that areas

    for example all causation people in caucasus are black 

    so my dad widdow she said yesterday black she meant armenian and gerorgian not real black 

    but when they like visiting nd they create a lot of problems 

    like cook to much used towels to wipe poo shout 

    car bo h y d  rte

    h y d ro c         l o     ro 


    the websites can hack between each other server

    internal hacking they can access messages

    but it is between servers that they cant be asking for permission to hack

    so for example hotmail can access all messages n their server but they cant ask permission implying people they are ok to hack into these people messages in yahoo

    but if peopel divorce and husband lying hack into everything to check if they cheat lie and hyde money 

    is very important to see peopel nt lying so they stop lying

    judges who lie nee do be persecuted to death

    but they be called mediator and why would they lie if politicians not pressuring the 

    and tell them they be persecuted

    also if they ask aleint number they obviously mad effort so work with them and some peopel are ok to stay 

    serv y t u D

  • Victor Jones 2 years ago

    Jimmy knows what’s up. He’s very open and receptive to cultural differences. It’s sad that I cant say the same about other white men.

  • Ксения Ковалевская 2 years ago

    Celebrities need to ensure that White guilt takes over America. It’s the only way criminal behavior will be excused by certain races.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    people can stop hacking into my account 

    CIA and such 

    how long they need to be hacking?

    they hack into president trump how long and he is not teh one stole all that money and star wars

    so US start wars outside of US why?

    who started war and why they suspicious that president trump is about to start a new war??

    these  are peopel discovering new stars they get to be homeless there are no jobs so what they do?

    who is a audience?

    aggressive useless proud listeners?


    make sure police sheriffs judge pay for injury and financial hardshipp they make for peopel with arrest and their decisions

    that GF family could afford independent but o  p s y?

    if they could afford they would not be able to order it how powerful they are?

    they could afford fake autopsy though it that help to attack current president 

    but if peopel miss work and that is non violent problem that police is so proud

    describe the situations

    such as they have to help so a husband doe snot cancel account let them do it unlock account so wife has access

    only one wife stupid idiots judges 

    only one wife those retrads not two

    not second wife that is in love relation with husband u stupid shit fuck idiot Judge Toma s Lweis of LA courts

    why the fuck how they said two wives what is going on ??

    not two wife one wife 

    how that could have happens that they literally allowed two wife and supposedly added two children on my family file and on my husabnd on ours


    same situation what they dividing Rosie and higher who is landlord owner manager 

    what the fiuck is going one



    Rodger S  t 1

    t o UN

    that blond judge female she doesn’t do any thing for immigration. we think they do so humane in California

    similar to switzerland when u go all to them thy all Nazi there 


    so light weight

    h e a v y 

    why not leave garbage on driveway where Rosie silver BMW is parked

    tow jokey cars with flat ties but recycle them 

    do not just bow tired on purpose though and is car lols new d o not tow they took my 1K bicycle in Calgary 

    and all it needed was some air in tires

    did they give that girl drugs?

    and then said you invented this??

    jo Buden so white

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    deep spine adjustments 

    what is thsi story with skripAL


    they blame russia about obscure Skripal family and Russian keep getting to respond and being defensive

    then US police kills peopel on only a suspicion

    is there more to the story cause it sounds very stupid

    so do they blackmail president trump??

    why they do not knwo what really happened there 

    seem lek sabotage

    why it is not white house order independent autopsy with seemingly unfriendly state and if it was Toupac then his girlfriend would say they are togther until they play with his dead body and tell people he had not died yet 

    did family saw the dead body is he dead and did they take any rans

    clearly police was chocking him for 7 minute and dd not mind they were eon camera why?

    they so stupid someone told them is ok 

    go do it

    they just were very sleeping dn slow normally they work faster

    they basically catch a bg guy and had to do a couple of injections nt one to put him to sleep an then cut out what they need

    they were holding his neck as well as f he hurt his neck 

    cause he had not stiffened yet if he stiffest cause of how long they hold him 

    then they would not nee dto hold his neck it would stiffen in straight position

    that si also how they rape them liek that 

    clearly police did not do it one time he wwas bored and had experience

    so the guy could nt breath on his own blam face down 

    swollen Airbnb ways

    tea RB

    so he was sick and had symptoms nd what happened with his body andy own transplants?

    lot o f moscitoes bites on my feet

    t Alya

    what is in those pill calcium??

    the future of judges

    when they try to be better next time 

    they fail cause they did not try the fist time

    who they needed to

    I cant pay parking tickets my rent is very high if i pay in 3 month am homeless

    and i am doing better than other people 

    golden calf

    ca l i f o r n i a g i r l

    is l a    t i      NNN    o   il    legal not an alien with fake b u t t

  • ITS MAAAM 2 years ago

    Funny how racism only works one way. There are plenty of racism towards whites.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    they have racism against Russian they kill lot of russians in wars that si who they solve conflict in US

  • Lorraine Thomas 2 years ago

    Why do I get the feeling this whole open dialogue thing might not have happened without this effing virus? Blessing in disguise, perhaps? Would real time producers be down with this if everyone were in studios and concerned solely about ratings and ad revenue? Work this, Jimmy.

  • JB STUDIOS 2 years ago

    Ugh this guy


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