Don Jr. Bombs at CPAC as Crowd Cheers Low Vaccination Rates: A Closer Look

Published on July 12, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Conservative Political Action Conference attendees cheering low vaccination rates as COVID cases rise.

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  • Lorena MZ 3 years ago

    There is already a mechanism that tries to reach people by going door to door when they have not responded online or through mail. It’s called the census. You know, that survey that the government does in order to properly finance all those social services you don’t want.

  • Jeremy Toh 3 years ago

    Donald Trump is vaccinated. Wake up!

  • Amy Sparkman 3 years ago

    Missed y’all seth. Don jr. acts like he’s on crank.

  • Philip mcdonald 3 years ago


  • Judy Williams 3 years ago

    Maybe the people who are refusing the vaccines should be refused medical care if they contract COVID? Or at least be put at the end of the line for life-saving medications and ventilators? Anyone who makes the vaccinations into a political issue needs to own the consequences.

  • Kalle 3 years ago

    I just can’t understand how someone could cheer low vaccination rates.

  • angeluscorpius 3 years ago

    I might just start going to the gym, just for the chance to see Seth doing squats with Wally counting with cue cards.

  • Bes Landerin 3 years ago

    Not only has the former guy had the vaccine, his entire family probably has too, as have most of the republicans telling their voters or to.
    They do make a good case for not getting it, who wants to be like them?

    They were insane before they got the vaccine not because of it.

    One way or another, hopefully this means fewer Republican voters in the future.

  • Julian Crooks 3 years ago

    I hope everyone at CPAC gets a severe case of covid

  • Civil Villain 3 years ago

    Didn’t Lauren Boebert’s own company take $500k worth of government Covid handouts?

  • Frederic Spitz 3 years ago

    Don Junior sounds like Gob. I was seriously waiting for The Final Countdown to start.

  • Just Judy 3 years ago

    Why is the Republican leadership risking the lives of their party members by encouraging them to resist getting the Covid vaccination? That is like holding out 2 hands to a friend and saying, “If you pick hand number one, you will have a shot which gives protection against a virus with dangerous consequences. If you pick hand number two, you

  • Dean Stugotz 3 years ago

    Welcome back, we miss you.

  • Kohda 3 years ago

    the rest of the world are watching the republican party. we think they are pathetic

  • Richard Moore 3 years ago

    Mass hysteria?

  • James Turner 3 years ago

    We need the FCC to shut down these morons. They’re just getting people killed.

  • Ryan Cribari 3 years ago

    If Republicans are too stupid to get vaccinated that means a lot of them will die. I’m fine with that.


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