Don Cheadle Isn’t Surprised by Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

Published on January 7, 2021

Don Cheadle shares why he isn’t surprised by Trump’s baseless voter fraud claims, explains how Biden’s leadership and lots of hard work can lead to real progress and dishes on his show Black Monday.

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  • Warren Hastings 2 months ago

    Yeah the police were chest bumping with the terrorists wtf!!!

  • yurik unt 2 months ago

    Ima taken a Dump!

  • Karina G 2 months ago

    I love this actor he’s so humble

  • Walter Harris 2 months ago

    Unfortunately I’m not surprised I’m just disappointed

    This is America

  • Nutcase Neo 2 months ago

    Trump to jail .

  • Alioune Niang 2 months ago

    What an actor! You are so good!

  • Blue Collar Men Productions 2 months ago

    Starting to digest it with vodka is a great idea.

  • david edelman 2 months ago

    Don is the man!

  • Blue Collar Men Productions 2 months ago

    It’s proven that we have crappy security. I’m just not that shocked. There’s more security in stopping a black person from carrying a back pack.

  • TheWallStreetKid 2 months ago

    No one watched your show anymore Jimmy you fucking sell out

  • Fabulous Jiji 2 months ago

    Even if he was reelected he wasn’t going leave office in 2024

  • LeezPgh 2 months ago

    Jeez. Very well said Don.

  • James Been 2 months ago

    don cheadle speaking the first bit truth ive heard out an american all day ” this is us this is america” so right sir so right

  • ELLESS 2 months ago

    Trump joked about a third, fourth and fifth term. Now we know he was not kidding. He is desperate to stay in power. Complete psycho.

  • Fabulous Jiji 2 months ago

    Trump is not done yet, you’ll see it, he said it in Georgia , forever

  • Jeffrey Photonboy 2 months ago

    Still not worthy enough to pick up Mjolnir though.

  • CR Ferrier 2 months ago

    No truer words, Mr Cheadle. You are absolutely, completely correct.

  • Doris G 2 months ago

    The Black Community was not caught unaware of the coup d’état that happened in America today at U.S. Capitol Building. Black Americans saw this day coming when trump announced that he was running for president in 2016. Now if that was Black protesters (knowing that Black people would not even think about doing an atrocity like this) protesting for equality, against injustices, BLM, etc, that stormed The Capitol Building, many would have been killed, arrested, and it would have been the most horrific thing that ever happened in America, never mentioning Slavery. The media coverage would have been a 1000x on steroids reporting. Don Cheadle so on point!!! Love Don!!!!

  • X-indigo 2 months ago


  • Wilbert Bimbsy 2 months ago

    Created two Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce.

    The first president that has not engaged us in a foreign war since Eisenhower.

    He has had the greatest impact on the economy up until Covid bringing jobs, and lowering unemployment to everyone including the Black and Latino population more than ANY other president ever in history!

    He has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Republican and Democratic parties.

    He turned NATO around and had them start paying their dues.

    He neutralized the North Koreans, stopped them from developing a further nuclear capability, sending missiles toward Japan, and threatening the West Coast of the US.

    He turned our relationship with the Chinese around, brought hundreds of business back to the US, and revived the economy. Hello!!!!!!!

    He has accomplished the appointing of three Supreme Court Justices and close to 300 Federal Judges.

    He lowered your taxes, increased the standard deduction on your IRS return from $12,500 for Married Filing Joint to $24,400 and caused your stock market to move to record levels over 100 times, positively impacting the retirements of tens of millions of citizens.

    Freed thousands of black fathers facing life on drug charges with first step act that Biden locked up!

    Trump fast-tracked the development of a COVID Vaccine under operation warp speed – we still don’t have a vaccine for SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, or a host of diseases that arose during previous administrations.

    Trump also rebuilt our military which the Obama administration had crippled and had fired 214 key generals and admirals in his first year of office.

    He uncovered widespread pedophilia in the government and in Hollywood, and is exposing world wide sex trafficking of minors and bringing children home to their families.

    Not to mention did this all in 4 years while losing billions of his own money in serving – and done all of this and much more in the face of relentless undermining and opposition from people who are threatened because they know they are going to be exposed as the criminals that they are if he is re-elected.

    From all of the troops and all of the American people God bless you Donald Trump the greatest president of our time and the most under appreciated president in history!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Truth will prevail!!! The thousands testifying is not false! Not only dominion but they got this stuff on video camera!!!


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