Dolly Parton Got Kicked Out Of A Hotel During Her First Trip To NYC | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Published on March 29, 2022

(Original airdate: 10/14/05) Dolly Parton tells an unexpected story about her first trip to New York City, explains how her family keeps her humble, and addresses some wild tabloid rumors about herself.

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  • Tammera Freno 2 years ago

    Dolly is sooooo adorable!!!! I love her!!

  • justin denney-hall 2 years ago

    “Nite nite termites.”

  • Another B 2 years ago

    This was the best! Made me cheer up. Thx for posting coco team:)

  • Phil "Shaw Of Iran" Reatardo 2 years ago

    She is an example of amazing plastic surgery. She looks great. She’s gotta be at least 80.

  • Yo Daguy 2 years ago

    Anyone else rocking thatufh makeup and plastic surgery would get mocks online as being fake, but she is so genuinely loveable it is simply undeniable, I honestly can’t imagine anyone not loving this woman

  • Linda Jansson 2 years ago

    LOVE Dolly! She’s an amazing singer, but I think everyone can learn how to be a better human being from her!

  • Zen 2 years ago

    Her breasts should have NEVER been the topic of any conversation.

  • Grok Effer 2 years ago

    I’ve been a fan since the Cas Walker show. She’s funny, too.

  • Mariela Davina 2 years ago

    I love Dolly so much! Only she could the that NYC story in such a cheerful, charming way.

  • John Hampton 2 years ago

    Dolly, it might not be a gun, but you’re still packing! I’ve loved this woman for 50+ years since her Porter Wagner days. Hope she lives forever! Peace!

  • DW808 2 years ago

    I’ve never been a fan of country music, but I’ve always been a fan of her. She’s just always come off as real, down to earth and so sweet.

  • Matthew McCormick 2 years ago

    Can we get Dolly on the Conan Podcast???


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