Doin’ It Donkey Style: Awkward Moments For Dem Candidates

Published on October 10, 2019

Stephen checks in on some of the 19 Democrats running for the highest office in the land. #Colbert #LSSC #Monologue

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  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 9 months ago

    ?? Joe Biden 2008 ??

  • Sathvik Rachakulla 9 months ago

    Kamala Harris and her duplicity have no place in the campaign. She needs to get the hell out and not drag the party down with her. I am saying this as an Indian American who wants the best for the United States. All shes doing is giving us brown people a bad name. Her hubris when she went after Tulsi Gabbard for polling at 1% instead of answering the fucking question on her dubious record made me resent her even more. Well guess who’s polling below 5% now? Vote Blue! ????

  • gibbyh65 9 months ago

    I’m liking Warren, we need somebody that’s going to go to work repairing our country as soon as they start and won’t take no shit, I don’t see Biden doing that, or doing much, Bernie just annoys me, Sooo!

  • Anthony Sheehan 9 months ago

    That clip of Harris made me laugh so hard. She is a cringe worthy trainwreck.

  • Alex M 9 months ago

    Interesting that next year is 2020.Will America think hindsight is 2020,and realize the huge mistake they made voting for Trump and his band of thieves.

  • bobbysworld281995 9 months ago

    Bernie after heart surgery with graphics making him look old on CNN looks more in place than these sad candidates

  • wynngoes 9 months ago


  • Arthur Dent 9 months ago

    There’s still 19 candidates. But the only ones anyone knows (and hears about) are Biden, Warren and Bernie. Isn’t that weird? 19 candidates. 19! And most people can only name a few of them.

  • CurvingFyre 9 months ago

    imagine having more people willing to shout “no” to your every proposal at your OWN RALLY than are willing to back you up. Kamala’s still limping from when Tulsi kneecapped her, and if she doesn’t get off that leg and stop making it worse soon, she might limp for the rest of her career.

  • TheGinnnnnnger 9 months ago

    Answer: i will not cooperate, thats what republicans wish I would do…

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 9 months ago

    Sen. Kamala Harris, aka. African-American version of Agent Hannah Wells

  • Dee Lee 9 months ago

    Don’t Biden have assistants checkin shit??

  • Char Aza 9 months ago

    These clowns are giving the election to the Republicans by obstructing Bernie. Drop out and endorse Bernie!

  • Ntombi Nom 9 months ago

    Is America ready for that?
    “Oh yes they are!” *Insert stank eye*
    Bitch America just told you they’re not? NO MEANS NO Kamala! #MeToo

  • Tacet the Terror 9 months ago

    Andrew Yang’s momentum just keeps climbing and climbing. If you want electability and forward thinking policy, he is the candidate for you.

  • Dudley Doleft's channel 9 months ago

    What is the sound of one hand voting for Bernie?

  • directfunebru 9 months ago

    Zen jokes, the most underrated in the world.

  • S S A 9 months ago

    Kopmala’s campaign is a total train wreck. There are only two or three Dems who can win the general. No matter how unpopular Trump is, or even if he’s impeached, he can get reelected because of how wildly undemocratic American elections are (electoral college, gerrymandering, etc.). Conservatives always show up to vote because their candidate do support policies that they want, but Dems and other voters who would support a Dem don’t because the candidate isn’t proposing policies they want.

  • Ilena Starbreeze 9 months ago

    when the hell does this end? in canada we are going to have an entire federal election start to finish before we even find out who is the dem candidate ….


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