Doin’ It Donkey Style: Andrew Yang

Published on May 8, 2019

2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang has a radical idea for the State of the Union: do them on PowerPoints.

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  • Impromptu DTour 2 years ago

    hey im all ying for yang

  • Paul J. Morton 2 years ago

    Does “shuttered mall” mean a mall that’s closed and abandoned?

  • johnnyXXX 2 years ago

    Stephen, you need to take him more seriously. This is your second time (at least) talking about him, but all you have done is make his policies sound like complete jokes in a few lines. I get it — your show is supposed to be making fun of things, but let’s give him a fair chance and representation because he’s a serious candidate. He’s well educated, organized, and qualified. He’s studied Economics in Brown University and Law in Columbia University. He’s been a successful business executive and entrepreneur, as well as the founder of a non-profit organization called Venture for America — an organization devoted to training young professionals to create jobs around the country. He’s got dozens (if not over a hundred) well written and researched policies on his website, which is more than ALL the other candidates have COMBINED. He’s got data, number, and other evidences to back up his claims. The others are all talk with no concrete policies and vision, except for a few like Bernie.

    Get him on your show, Stephen!

  • Ivan Goh 2 years ago

    It’s 2020 and they still don’t use powerpoint for presentations in the Congress?

  • AppleCore360 2 years ago

    If you’d go from Trump to Yang… That’d be a spectacular flip to the other side.
    From childlike, racist idiot to an adult smart Asian.
    I’d be impressed if America was to make him president ?

  • Tb0n33999 2 years ago

    Yang 2020!

  • wowboo 2 years ago

    colbert’s secret dream is trump to be in office for 4 more yrs, because it makes his career relevant.

  • David Chou 2 years ago

    Andrew’s got a great sense of humor (“let’s see Joe Biden do that!”) and will probably turn all the late-night hosts into Yang Gang…he’s the only candidate to pull support from large numbers of progressives, libertarians, and conservatives alike!

  • Ian Med 2 years ago

    god… the way you mock a person. What a cringe. Yangs heart for america and its people is pure and genuine. I bet you aint got the same kinda heart Yang has. And u know that. Yet u still mock him like a preschooler. Lost all the respect i had for you.

  • Travis Broforce Richard 2 years ago

  • Matt Schieder 2 years ago

    Damn this was really disappointing that you did the same thing CNN did. Making a joke out of his policies and taking things he’s said wayyyy out of context.

  • Eric Burkheimer 2 years ago

    Give Stephen a break. He jokes about EVERYONE. No one gets a free pass in comedy… he has humorously lambasted pretty much every one of the front runners. You people are too sensitive… why are both progressives, and conservatives so sensitive? You all take offense far too easily. And this is coming from a fellow progressive.

    I mean, when he joked about Hillary, or Biden, or Obama those who supported them didn’t come on here and act like a fucking snowflake. And I voted for Hillary myself. But I know that the jokes are… Well, in jest.

  • mohin pat 2 years ago

    America is fun, anyone can be a President……not just Trump anymore….!

  • Emily Chan 2 years ago

    Wow colbert you really did Yang an injustice on this segment. There’s so much more to Yang and these shallow dives are really not doing it for me

  • Erik S 2 years ago

    So Colbert, when are you going to have this guy on your show?

  • Spotless Mind 2 years ago

    He is running a campaign based on humanity; helping uplift the poor by giving $1,000/month—helping women, the homeless, care takers, and 63% of Americans who can’t afford a $500 emergency.
    He is for democracy dollars, getting rid of corporate money in politics, Medicare-For-All, forgiving student loans….etc. He has 100+ policies and opposing circumcision isn’t one of those policies.

  • KootFloris 2 years ago

    Slowly Colbert is losing touch and doesn’t realize his mainstream is sliding towards entitled rich guy. Slowly? Yang is way more popular then he lets on, and or the corporate Dems want you to know.

  • kevin durant 2 years ago

    FACT: With Trump in office corporate media including CNN, MSNBC, Colbert’s show, etc have enjoyed record ratings and profits.

    These hacks may be “comedians” but don’t let that convince you that their input on politics isn’t relevant. It’s all a game to keep Trump in office, cause massive polarization in this country, and strengthen the military industrial complex.

  • prod. simplejack 2 years ago

    I encourage everyone to go to his website he has a pantload of policies! It’s really refreshing to see a politician talking about the ideas he does…

  • Jimmy McKinney 2 years ago

    Of course you pick some of Yang’s least important policy proposals including the circumcision one which was never even one of his proposals in the first place. Take a look at his policy page and you might actually understand why he’s growing in popularity and will do better than any other candidate that you’ve featured on this show. Unless you want Trump again, I’d suggest you being to take him more seriously.


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