Does Rep. Adam Kinzinger Trust The President?

Published on March 15, 2019

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) claims he has seen the President’s heart.

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  • cycleforwardtime 4 months ago

    This guy is just not good at this interview thing.

  • New Message 4 months ago

    “The President says he loves his job.. is he crazy, or lying?”

    Definitely both.

  • op3l 4 months ago

    Not to judge people based on their looks… but this guy even looks like a douche.

  • Minister EH 4 months ago

    He’s an #Idiot and he can go back to the #guards 🤪😡 all #gopsSuck 😳😎

  • Bob Trenwith 4 months ago

    He saw into his heart??? Doesn’t Trump refer to his heart when he really means his dick?

  • Paulo Branco 4 months ago

    You know what i wish?
    I wish there was a wave of republicans that would start showing up, that would actually be willing to stand for the good of the american people. No bulshit, no political partisan aligiance. Just people, that although being more to the right, would be willing to ackowledge, hey something is very wrong here, our people our suffering, why is that? Oh, it’s because this, this and that! Ok, i’m gonna speak and fight for this, this and that and i don’t care if i have to go against the mainstream voices in my own side to get this through. In fact, i wish people (sane and honest people) on the right and left would just come together in ackowledge and overcome the bulshit! I mean, look at the f*king reality, adress it and come together to expose and fix whatever is wrong. What does it matter if one is conservitive, libertarian, progressive, socialist or whatever, what matters is the well being of the people and the well being of the nation! I just wished for people on all sides of the political spectrum to SEE, actually SEE the people. Hear our voice! How can you be for your party first instead of the people first? How can you show your face in public if it’s not to shout: “My people need a living wage. My people need good afordable healthcare. My people are tired of sending their loved ones to fight in wars that serve only the interests of a few. My people are in strife because they have to start their life in debt if they wish to pursue higher education. My people are strugling because conditions in some parts of this country do not reflect the standarts of a 1st world economy. My people are concerned for the living conditions for their young ones in the future. My people are concerned there will be no future if we continue to disregard climate change.”
    Where are the voices on the right that are able to discern and adress the real issues that affect peoples lives? I want to see you come forward and join others from other political spectrums in recognizing and adreassing the real issues. Stop with bulshit talking points, oh those darn imigrants, oh those darn libs, oh those darn something something, and actualy stand with your people!

  • Brian Lacy 4 months ago

    May this exposure of repub immorality be worth the time Colbert gave them in publicity …

  • Mats K 4 months ago

    “I trust the president.”
    “So…what is it? Leaving Syria or staying?”
    “I don’t know. He changes opinion every day. You just can’t trust him.”


  • Nathalie Valade 4 months ago

    This guy is really confuse

  • Daemoncles RatHeir 4 months ago

    This country (the USA) is run by those with long-term memory assaults from prior drug use.  They lack the bland and empty acuity and sharp focus.  They probably go to church while no one with a basic distinction between mind and brain would even bother because its too empty and historically old.  They lack the tools of the visual mind in its proper functioning.  The path from the short-term memory is pruned off while entering adulthood and thiers is still a gaping trail stuffing media left and right.  Doctors cannot explain this because of their own prior habits.  I’m not kidding.  They need to stop watching and using and sit quietly for years until they regain their mental balance and acuity through the bloodstream and mind plasticity.  That is, if it is still possible.  This is a circus out of control.  Someone do something already.  They don’t like air-heads because we are normal.  If you can visualize more than a grain of sand.  I don’t want you walking around.  This is a country of partially functional drug-freaks who didn’t die from it.  Its sick.  They’re trying to overcome long-term memories and misunderstandings with different information.  You want to know what I remember.  Nothing.  Almost nothing, like a normal person.  Adults do not memorize more than a passage.  This is fuc*ing GROSS.  They can’t even tell because they have no nerve endings left or we don’t in our brains.  But, they probably think clean life is pain- free in adulthood.  This is bogus medical advice they’re giving.  And don’t hand me this stereotype.  People who think natural health wears hippie shirts saw society at a drug party and realized them all at once.  They don’t even react to danger right or in a normal way…We need to hang these drug dealers like in Nuremberg.  This worse than a holocaust already.

  • Michael Pilgrim 4 months ago

    What an idiot. Surely he’s got his own opinions rather than just towing the party line.

  • tommy2facetv 4 months ago

    Love when you have the ignorant as guests!

  • James Humphrey 4 months ago

    oK he is a total dufus !!!

  • Mikey B 4 months ago

    This guy is just as bad as the Cunt in Chief

  • Adam Tak 4 months ago

    Pure idiocy… Why even broadcast a tool like this.

  • Vanessa H. 4 months ago

    Well, that was pointless

  • Arash Karimpour 4 months ago

    Only a pathological liar can say Trump don’t lie…

  • mrdfac 4 months ago


  • jettsoma 4 months ago

    Another brainwashed fool.

  • Sean Warren 4 months ago

    A tiny man, with a paint roller. -_-
    Oh, he tweeted it, got ya. Looked Trump in the eyes, oh, okay then. Great line u got there, shill.


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