Do You Believe The Truth is Out There?

Published on January 27, 2023

James starts off by congratulating Jimmy Kimmel and his staff on 20 years of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. David Duchovny is on the show tonight so of course talk turns to “The X-Files” and how modern cell phones with high powered cameras ruined the fun of conspiracy theories about aliens and other unexplained phenomenon. James admits that as a kid, he was scared of watching “Doctor Who”, but thankfully had a braver big sister. In the news, President Biden used the wrong name 3 times in a single speech, which would be funny if he wasn’t so old. Donald Trump is now campaigning across the country even though his former cronies are giving him the silent treatment, and we have an idea for how the FDA can get people to take the booster vaccine – tell them NOT to get it. In science news, an asteroid passed close to earth and most of us didn’t even notice, and a robot unveiled in Hong Kong has the same terrifying ability as the T-1000. Finally, we close with a delightful diversion concerning ham sandwiches on the beach.

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  • willjohnboy 1 year ago

    Drop the robot in one of those trenches that is so deep no human has ever seen the bottom instantly crushed and trapped.

  • Jane 1 year ago

    I am obsessed with James that I am badly In Love with him,
    I need help.

  • Steve Baker 1 year ago

    Time for my morning fix of American late nights

  • Perry Belcòurt 1 year ago

    Trump is beating Biden in polls

  • Curcuma Organica 1 year ago

    OMG!!! the ham sandwich conversation was hilarious!!!

  • Lisa B 1 year ago

    The real reason James is leaving the show; Trump could be the next president, again.

  • maya 1 year ago

    James Corden, one of my fave nuwho episodes (his first one)

    So meta

  • Courtney R 1 year ago

    The Hong Kong robot looked like a black-and-white episode of the TV show Gumby, lol

  • ASpookyFox 1 year ago

    Please don’t end the show James! I love you sooo sooo much, and this show means so much to me! Just do the show from England online or a different show. Thank you, whatever you do!

  • Jennie Kelly 1 year ago

    I used to be terrified of being abducted by aliens, but I absolutely loved The X-files.

  • The Open Floor! 1 year ago

    Where to begin…..james asks what did i just watch?. My thoughts went right to terminator 2 judgement day robot chicken style and how did he have a band and in that moment not play the terminator theme song…..then not to mention robert patrick who played in terminator 2 but he also stared in the x-files as he replaced david duchovny to bring that around full circle. lol


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