DJ Khaled Is Releasing A New Song With Justin Bieber – CONAN on TBS

Published on July 11, 2018

DJ Khaled announces his top secret collaboration with Justin Bieber and predicts it will be one of the biggest anthems of the summer.

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  • Coffee 'N' Stuff 7 days ago

    When I see DJ Khaled I poop a little… because my body feels forced to produce something with talent when it sees something that sucks.

  • Kuladeep M 7 days ago

    Conan at :34 hahahahaha

  • cyka blyat 7 days ago

    0:32 it doesn’t seem as though he was joking tbh… Why do we let idiots like him have so much money? Communism > Capitalism

  • Ahmed Mahmoud 7 days ago

    Where the hell has Justin Beiber been anyway seems like its been like 2 years

  • Floppy Bird 7 days ago

    next he will release a new song with GOD

  • mahchymk93 7 days ago

    Justin looks like a rapist trucker

  • MrtzMrngr 7 days ago

    It’s impressive that somebody that stupid came that far

  • Ackara 7 days ago

    “I’m suffering from success” was the greatest title album.

  • Onfire O 7 days ago

    Dj khaled dont do song with Justin biber he is racist

  • Alex Mercado 7 days ago

    I have a big secret i trust y’all. And conan is like bruhhh were on television.

  • Ed Bain 7 days ago

    Can we not say people suck now? If this guy gets to live while prince and Petty die,furthers my theory that satan is on this earth……

  • MF Doom 7 days ago

    Someone as dumb as this shouldn’t be with Conan.

  • a2soc 7 days ago

    Gah… he’s sloppy looking!

  • You Tried It! 7 days ago

    i feel like conan hates him.

  • Faulty Muppet 7 days ago

    Wanna see a magic trick?
    Go back and read the comments on the video before this one “making his own soap” then come back here and read these comments.
    How fast people turn for no good reason.
    (By the time you read this it is possible that commentors have begun to toxify the other videos comment section)
    The point is it was.really positive. then they saw a single name and poof toxicity formed.

  • Matt Vorn 7 days ago

    Finally… a track by the two most useless dimwits in music.

  • Daniel Sullivan 7 days ago

    Dj Khaled is such a clown.. why is he still famous?


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