Diego Luna on New Star Wars Series Andor, Being at the D23 Expo & His Son Leaking Spoilers

Published on September 14, 2022

Diego brings out a gift for Guillermo, and he talks about being at the Emmys, appearing at the big D23 Expo for his new Star Wars show “Andor,” his son leaking some information from Rouge One, and he reveals what he always thought R2D2 was actually called.


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  • francess 1 year ago

    So charismatic

  • Gonzalez Encanacion 1 year ago

    Did he say that his character dies from the new movie ???

  • Cancun771 1 year ago

    Yeah that would either be _Endor_ or it would need to be a Star _Trek_ series.

  • Wayne 1 year ago

    Why does this rock spider keep turning up in my algorithm.

  • withershin 1 year ago

    Okay now we need a scene with R2-D2 where Diego tells ‘Artur’ to shut up. I still want the Chewie translation tapes released.

  • r g 1 year ago

    Disney has just released a statement saying Diego Luna will be made an example of and fined.
    The constantly increasing number of leaks regarding multi-million dollar investments was stated as the reason.
    Diego Luna slipped in his recent interview that his character dies in one of the worst accidental reveals in Hollywood history.
    Note that I just made all this stuff up.

  • Chemo Boy - DannyPheleps 1 year ago

    a back story to a back story to the original

    yep, disney is creatively bankrupt

  • Lupin788 1 year ago

    Diego Luna is such a charming and funny guy. He was great in Rogue One.

  • Psyclonus 1 year ago

    There will never be any tension where his character is concerned, thus making the entire series pointless.

  • Cesar Baca 1 year ago

    I can’t wait for this show

  • Pontius888 1 year ago

    Diego Luna es fantastico en todos sus roles, he was incredible in Narcos and he’s also a great director!!!

  • Henrik Wenne 1 year ago

    How likeable can one man be??

  • Álvaro Fernández lecuna 1 year ago

    From Mexico to Argentina since 1977 when first star wars film was released in spanish in Hispanic American R2D2 translate sounds like ARTURITO in spanish so for decades it’s called like that and people knows that character like ARTURITO, obviously real star wars fans don’t called that way, but it’s a real and funny history from our childhood to this days

  • Californio 1 year ago

    In retrospect, Rogue One was the best of the newer Star Wars films because it added to the original storyline instead of screwing it up.

  • Yae Min 1 year ago

    he’s sooooooo adorable !!! my god


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